"We have no hope guys" I screamed hysterically

"freaking hell calm down Sam!" Kalen shouted with so much order in his force. "I hope that you guyz are fast learners because you've all got bitching powers so strong you can kick that things ass" Kalen said in a hushed tone. "I'm in control of earth so Sam must be as well thats why I felt so attracted to her but she's the stronger one we need her if we're all gonna use our powers"

"So what are we?" whispered Toni in a frantic voice. We felt a breeze and knew Gullveig was close Kalen and I used the tree to shake her off and made vines wrap around her feet and arms making her scream louder. I laughed. For once in months I wasn't being tortured, she was. "Everyone try and control the wind you will know it if you got it you'll feel it inside of you, that longing for breeze, for air" Kalen replied. Timothys eyes got wide "Its me! I'm air! Booya"

By then Gullveig was crawling away but we hadn't noticed, this was a major mistake. "She's gone for now lets figure out the rest of your powers we need them before she comes back, she'll be stronger"

The End

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