The confessionMature

Kalen held me in his arms which I didn't return. "we should get back to them cause if they are connected to me they should probably have powers and your power cravings for me will just get stronger standing here wont they, what are you gonna like eat me or something?" I said in sheer anger and walked back to the group leaving Kalen to think and hopefully feel guilty. I had to tell them they could help us get out of this mess so I explained the whole situation to them and we needed Kalen to tell us how to get rid of her but I couldn't go near him without wanting to strangle him, I walked away and left Toni talking to Kalen, my best freind and the guy who broke my heart in a minute.

"So Kalen your the traitor tell us how to get out of this.. if you're a faerie can't you stop this illusion of woods?" asked Toni quite patronizingly I was proud this is what its all about... treating traitors like shit. We always agreed on that but it felt wrong to be doing that to Kalen, I loved him and hated him at the same time, he lied to me.

"Well actually I'm not that kind of faerie, I'm the kind which kicks ass. I don't know how to get rid of it because I tried many centuries ago but it didn't work, my people fear Gullveig its a name we gave her it means witch in ancient faerie. It is legend that only the 7 warriors could take her down, she has killed so many of my people millions of people and faeries have dropped dead at her feet, we might just be that 7" Everyone's mouth dropped and Christopher made the brave guy act and came to fetch me. He dragged me back and said "If we are the 7 we need to stick together" everyone else was shocked he actually said something smart! "wow blood mixing must have exchanged some brain cells." Toni replied astonished.

Suddenly there was rustling behind us I jumped back into safe hands and saw Gullveig creep upside down closer. I couldn't move she looked like many dolls torn apart and put together incorrectly the teeth of a shark in a doll-like face snapped at the jaw to the right, the angels wings shedding feathers seeing the bone structure and her long nails dug into the tree and blood pouring out her fingers like a waterfall but she didn't seem to notice. Her bones stuck out, her hair soaked with; was that blood? and her eyes red burning with hunger but hunger for what? power? meat? either way we were screwed.

The End

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