the truthMature

"Guys stop! we're not going anywhere and all of you know it, we're stuck together whether we like it or not" I roared. They all turned around surprised at my anger Toni walked up to me and replied "You're right, we are family now, we stick together" Everyone listened. Oh right listen to her and not me I thought in annoyance. Kalen dragged me aside, "I hope you don't mind if I talk to her privately" he apologized and stared at me, just stared until after 2 minutes I got a bit worried about his mental health "Kalen are you OK?" I said in a calm way that you'd usually use on a mental patient.

“I know the creature you have been seeing” I tried to struggle but his grip was too hard and I was about to scream when he put one hand over my mouth. “I need to tell you something so for once just shut up and listen” I nodded and accepted his offer to keep quiet and he’d let me go.

In a low quick voice he said“She's a faerie and so am I but she has all her powers through witchcraft and evil which I fight, I am a warrior, a protector but why has she followed you? It must mean you're the witch. Thats why I've always been so drawn to you! I've been sensing your powers! Ahhhhh.. it makes so much sense now!"  I stared at him.

"This is all a joke its gotta be a joke or I'm going insane."I whined

"Sorry but its real and she wants your powers"

"What so you've never actually loved me? you just loved my power? and now I've got some crazy THING! coming after me! and you've been going out with me for what? 3 years? and you didn't tell me?" I screamed back in frustration all my life had been a lie. hah! I was going crazy this was so not real. I mean if he was saying the truth it would make just about everything make sense but shit he's telling the truth and he's staring at me with those eyes I wish his shaggy, long bedhair would get in his eyes! I burst out crying I couldn't help it I was just so..... confused! He just stood there watching me until I stopped. "How do you defeat it then?"

The End

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