ouija boardMature

"So how do we work this?" asked Drake. God he could be stupid."

" Just put your finger on the pointer". Everyone did as commanded.

"Now we ask a question, Is anyone there? we call upon the undead to answer" I said and as a reply the pointer moved to "yes". I could feel eyes on my back, the creature was watching. But that kind of scrapped my theory of Kalen being an immunity.Kalen flinched his muscular figure at the movements of the pointer.

"What is your name?" asked Ashley the reply was spelt out as "Gullveig" Kalen pulled me away from the board whispering in a angry, confussed voice "do you know who Gullveig is?" I shook my head scared by his violent grip on my shoulders. He loosened his grip appologising. We returned to the board.

"what are you here for?" asked Kalen annoyed quite obviously. The answer from the board suprised us all spelling out;'Kalen I'm here for the power of the young witch, it will gain my strength' We left the board.

"Kalen how does it know your name?" I asked looking into his deep blue eyes. His strong features were set he wasn't going to say anything.

"We need to go back to your house" Tim said, everyone agreed and we ran but couldn't find the exit. This must have been witchcraft.

The End

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