sisters and brothersMature

I woke up, "crap" I mumbled its halloween I better get home and start preparing for the party. I left Kalen a note kissed him while he slept and snuck out the door. I started putting out decorations and a thought occured to me; Toni had asked me to get out a ouija board, I quickly got a ouija board and a few white candles I would have to hide them in my going out bag because my parents were superstitious. For some reason I hadn't seen the creature. She wasn't here I could sense it.

Timothy and Toni arrived first, my closest freinds they had been here so often they just went straight to my bedroom, Drake arrived next my best guy freind appart from Kalen. Soon after the others arrived Ashley, Christopher and Kalen. We stayed in my room until it was dark just dancing, talking and generally having fun. I sat on Kalen's lap and he gave me a peck on the cheeck before we ran out into the woods in the park, with my going out bag. We all got into a circle, Drake making jokes to hide his fear of what we were doing. His eyes were extremely hazelish red and open with awareness.

I got out a candle, a match and a small razor blade. "We should all announce our friendship as family, and because I came up with an idea you use my surname. If you don't want to contribute you aren't one of the family and therefore won't be as close as you are now" I lit the candle the flame and placed it inbetween some rocks so it wouldn't fall over. "Sun, Moon and Earth let our blood be bonded and our feelings shared" I said while making a little cut and pouring 10 drops of blood into the flame. It roared. The flame grew. Everyone except for me took a step back. "What the hell!!!!!!!" screamed Drake.

"Calm down it's nothing serious it's just wind Drake" replied Toni. But I knew the offering had been accepted. "Toni you first?" I asked Toni came forth willingly.

"Let me be accepted as Toni greencorpse" She said and made a small cut.

"Only put one drop of blood no more, no less" I ordered. She did as I instructed and Timothy came forward and copied even the speaking. I looked at Kalen and he stepped forward mumbling something as he carried out the proccess. He came up to me gave me a kiss and whispered "I guess this means we're married now" that made me burst into laughter everyone staring at us. Drake hesitated but carried out the proccess going to stand next to Toni who took his hand. Ashely and Christopher decided to go at the same time carrying out the proccess. Toni was the really tomboyish one, Ashley the tough skinny one, Timothy the tall and fragile one and I, Sam was the sporty one. Toni had dark blonde hair, was average height, average weight and had a bubbly personality and she was going out with a guy called Sean but Drake who was tall, funny, pale and had dark blonde hair loved her since year 8. Ashley was small, thin, had dark brown hair and Dark brown eyes was going out with Peter but Christopher, who had ash blonde hair, blue eyes and american footballer build always had felt for her. And Timothy, well she was Timothy to wild to be tamed by a man, she was tall, dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin and generally funny.

I looked at the candle and blew it out our blood dried on the bottom all blended. Now it was Toni's turn, we would mess with the ouija board.

The End

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