truth is comingMature

Thinking about Kalen whenever he was around the thing never appeared so I spent most of my time with him. The day before the halloween party I met up with him and went for a walk in the park. We talked all day. When it started getting dark he gave me a long sweet goodnight kiss and started walking away. He heard my scream and came running back. I had seen her. Right in front of me. Covered in blood. Crazy look in her eyes. Ready to kill. My heart was beating so fast I needed help standing up. Kalen looked me in the eyes and said in a low, smooth, ordering voice "You need to tell me what happened otherwise I can't help"

"You need to tell me the truth of what you keep seeing", "I don't now!" I yelled back and burst out into tears. He held me close to his chest comforting me, telling me everything would be all right. But there was no honesty in his voice. He sat me down on a bench of an abandoned park, under a tree, sheltered from rain. I had stopped crying. He faced me and whispered "I'll trade you a secret for what you keep seeing plus you love me you should tell me" that made me laugh but I agreed to the deal.

"Kalen you're going to think I'm crazy but I keep seeing this thing!, this girl she has killed so many I can see it in her eyes but she is not human, she's got angelic wings that are deadly black she's got a distorted face, her jaw seeming to be broken but just holding more shark like teeth inside, her eyes, her eyes are hollow, she's empty but alive and her body is human how can that be real? She's everywhere I go. I hate to admit it but she scares me!" Kalen stared at me curiously and with sypathy in his eyes but not a hint of misbelief.I was thankful that he believed me I knew so many others wouldn't. "Your turn now Kalen" he shook his head and replied " I said I would tell you a secret but I didn't say when, I'll tell you when you need to know"

Kalen held out his hand and I took it, I called my parents to tell them I was going over to Kalen's for the night because we had a load of homework to do, which wasn't a complete lie..... I had homework I just wasn't going to do the homework at Kalen's house.

I could see her on the roof, staring at me like I was prey she jumped at me with her broken jaw open. I screamed. Suddenly my eyes fluttered open with Kalen trying to talk to me because I was screaming. It was just another dream, I wish she wouldn't haunt me, the party was tomorow the thing shouldn't show up.

The End

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