The darknessMature

Sam corpsegreen and her freindship sisters start to mess with magic will they be able to stop?

I'm sam Corpsegreen and I hope you never have what happened to me. It all started when I started feeling different and I knew something was watching me all the time.

A month before October me my freinds and I were talking about the upcoming haloween party which I was holding, we were sitting on the bench and suddenly I saw a flash behind my boyfreinds back. I went pale. I couldn't move for many long moments. I could just hear everyone calling "Sam are you O.K?" I tried to look at them but I blacked out.

I was afraid I was going crazy and my freinds were always being there for me even though I kept seeing it, the girl, the monster. Her face pictured in my nightmares. I could hardly sleep. Whenever I went for a run I would see it, her feeding, on people, on animals on things unearthlike. Why was she haunting me? I used to be the fearless girl ready to take on anything but now I am the girl who checks every corner before turning. And every corner held her. The halloween party was coming up and only my closest freinds were coming the freinds I would class as sisters and brothers.

I hoped that this would get my mind off of the sightings that maybe it was all my imagination. This would be a great time to act like my age once again and just have fun with my freinds around. This would be fun and they were also all going to sleep around my house when we were all tired. I couldn't wait. It would be awesome.I was a dark blonde, blue eyed and athletic shaped girl who loved to mess around and loved skateboarding. My boyfreind was a random, gorgeous and freindly guy his name was Kalen.

The End

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