First NightMature

The three travelers returned to their room.

Brigid set about her nightly ritual of cleaning and organizing her possessions in her travel bag. Gerrard paced while jotting in a small leather bound note book. Argos rested his foot on the lone windowsill and looked out into the night.

Argos could see the town’s square from his vantage. If he looked the other way he could see the local lord’s manner. This room had the line of sight they needed to get an adequate feel of the town and its folk.

“You notice that did you?”asked Brigid as she looked over Gerrard’s writing. He had stopped for a moment in his pacing and was rereading his notes.

“Noticed what Brigid?” asked Gerrard, Argos perked his ears to listen but stared intently at a group of patrons leaving the tavern bellow.

“The people down there,” said Brigid referring to the people at the tavern, “are acting like cattle when the wolves are prowling. They are afraid of something.”

“Well humans are social creatures. We tend to bunch together for comfort and safety,” commented Argos. “It stands to reason that if this is a real, this is how the people would act. Also explains why they aren’t so trusting.”

“Says the man that sleeps with one eye open and one hand on a dagger,” laughed Brigid.

“Never said it was a bad idea not trusting people,” grumbled Argos.

“You’re right with your observations, the both of you,” stated Gerrard. “These people are afraid. I couldn’t get any information from them and I doubt that we will. To get any help from the populace we would have to come forward with our purpose.”

“Which is a no no,” added Brigid. “Can’t reveal ourselves without becoming targets, we need to gather a bit more information first.”

“Agreed. No sense in wasting precious sleep though. First watch Argos?” asked Gerrard.

Argos nodded never turning from the window. Brigid sat down on the bed for a moment watching Argos then she reclined back and fell asleep. Gerrard sat with his back against the door and crossed his arms across his chest. After a moment he too fell into sleep.

Argos watched the night. From the roof of the inn another pair of eyes watched the night.

The End

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