The Rocky Mountain

A decade long war may finally be coming to an end. The two warring families have agreed to a truce through marriage. The young princess though willing to aid in the peace process battles within herself for the young prince is a far cry from the man she loves...

The princess nods away as we make our way through frost mountain.  My name is Sage and I am her body guard. She really is a beautiful creature with her long frost white hair. Her azure eyes are deep and it is said you can easily lose yourself in them swimming in a pool intense wonder that engulfs your very soul. She is the first born of her parents King Luke and Queen Anna. Though she is very pleasing to the eye and a joy to be around she is far from helpless. She trains with the kingdom guards on a daily basis and has bested many of the fiercest fighters this side of the loade gate. She is an expert in martial arts and fears no man nor beast. Princess Tara has always been quite the jovial kind despite the constant sieges from the Ashe kingdom and the Kinu people of the forest that surrounds the very kingdom she is heir to The Frostland. Today though princess Tara is a lot quieter than usual. Maybe she has fallen asleep?

The End

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