Detective Inspector Noah Gray sat at his desk pushing away at the keyboard tapping away trying to discard the taste of lack of sleep, Gray suffered from insomnia, he'd spend the nights browsing the internet looking for something to occupy his mind. he normally did the night shifts but his last case had forced him to work days. today being his last day then he was back on nights, he felt happy at the prospect of it all going back to normal. as he typed away he got an email. he looked around the office. as usual the other detectives laid deep into their own cases. he rubbed his forehead as he clicked on the read button.

TO: DI Noah Gray (


sub: empty

investigate..... investiage.......investigate....

body found dead a computer programmer found dead in his home.

the message ended. Gray looked round, the message unnerved him, he didnt know why. but it was unclear to why it was sent and by who and who the hell is this darkling?

The End

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