The night hit Joseph as he sat tapping away at his laptop, his mind full of thoughts, as he sat chatting to girls on a new chatroom site called 'the darkest net' he found it by mistake one night and he has become addicted to it.  his green eyes scanning everything on the site, he didnt know why he was so addicted to the site. as he sipped his coffee and lit a cigarette someone IM'd him.

soul_master: enjoying yourself Joseph?

Joseph hesitated for a moment slowly tapping on the table as he sipped his coffee as his eyes almost felt like fading into the dark realm of sleep, he managed to prolong his alertness and tilted his head as he thought bout what to write not knowing who this soul master was.

J_collins: yeah wbu?

Soul_master: oh yeah the amount of souls on this site feeds my hunger

Joseph smiled he couldnt help but think that this soul master was a bit of  a weirdo but for some reason he couldnt bring himself to end the conversation as if it had some powerful meaning.

J_collins: lol where you at?

the screen went silent for a few minutes as Joseph smiled

Soul_Master: In your house Joseph

Joseph flinched he looked round then smiled thinking that this guys some kind of joker,

J_collins: really what do you think of my house then?

Soul_master: messy specially your room Joseph and why do you have a picture of Jessica Alba on your ceiling?

the comment hit Joseph like a bullet that had lodged itself into his skin, his eyes started watering as his heart beated fast, his eyes scanning the room he was in, a small but comfy living room where his books and DVD;s lived, his hands shaking as he tried to calm himself down telling himself it was a lucky guess, or something like that

J_Collins: Look who the fuck are you?

Soul_Master: i'm the man thats gonna kill you Joseph

is wasnt till now that Joseph had realised this guy knows his real name, Joseph switched the computer off and jumped outta his seat, his pulse hitting 90.  Joseph quietly walked towards his bedroom, the door closed and a small batman poster stuck on the front, Joseph reached for the handle to open the door as he opened it his heart beated so fast he couldnt concentrate his mind buzzing with fear as the door opened the blackness of the room felt claustaphobic, as he turned on the light, the room was empty, he let out a sigh of relief and started to smile.  then out of nowhere he felt a pain in his stomach, as it flowed its way up his body, he looked down to see a pool of blood his mind slowly losing itself, as he felt the pain become more intence he let out a scream as he hit the floor, knelt down still trying to find someone in his room, the fear was so intense he couldnt get a grasp of anything, all he could feel was his body hurt the colours changed in the room became black and white as he felt his life slowing somehow fading away and thats when he saw a dark shadow in the corner of the room that let out a faint laugh, Joseph feeling weaker now tried to get strengh to pull himself up as he shouted "Who the fuck are you?" the last thing Joseph heard was his own voice stuttering as he fell to the ground, his body stopped moving, nothing was their anymore just an empty shell.

The End

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