The Darkest DepthsMature

Thye were right. The world does end in 2012, but not in a way anyone was expecting. There was no freak weather, no soalr flares from the sun and no destructive waves from the sea. It was a never-ending solar eclipse. The moon moved in front of the sun and both it and the earth stopped moving. Now the world has been thrown into darkness, and monsters from the darkest depths are coming above ground to feast.

Four days before christmas it happened. 21st of December, 2012, was when the world ended. It was 3:34 am and that is how it will stay until further notice. I don't know if that's exactly the correct time that life as we knew it was over, but that is what the news channels claim, before the power was cut. During the night there was a solar eclipse, a rarity but nothing to be afraid of. However, the moon stopped moving and blocked the sun from veiw. We stopped moving as well. We're stuck at 3:34am, although our watches and clocks do still work.

Our problems didn't end their though, because word of attacks occured, and dead bodies, ravaged beyond recognition, appeared all over the streets. I've only seen one of the killers once, and it certainly wasn't anything I'd want to see again. It was in front of our house, gorging itself on the corpse of a cat. Blood was spurtinng everywhere, and the monster, which resembled a huge, bony, hairless wolf, was digging its pointed muzzle into the unfortunate feline's chest cavity. It was ugly, obsene and unnautural. I didn't see that much of it, because it left not long after, leaving the cat in front of our gate.

My father reckoned these things came from caves, underground, sewers, maybe even nuclear power stations, as a result of radioactive materials escaping. He said they cralwed up from the darkest depths after the sun went out like a candle, because they couldn't deal with sunlight. Stuck in total darkness, they're free to roam as they please. Perhaps they're an undiscovered species, who live too far below to be found.

Or maybe it's just a dream. Or, if the worst is possible, I'm going to die like all the others, eaten and left to rot.

The End

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