The New Girl in Town

"Who's that?"

I turned my head to where Adrian's eyes were locked.  Standing on the other side of the window, staring at us was some girl I'd never seen before. 

"That's rude," I said.  "What's she even doing here?  Shouldn't everyone be at the assembly?"

"You know that we're not the only one's who skip out on those things, right?"  Adrian asked with a laugh.  "But have you ever seen her before?"

I returned my attention back to the strange girl.  I had never seen her before, but there was something startingly familiar about her.  She was lean and tall, with black hair cascading over her shoulders.  Her emerald eyes shone at us through the glass and her lips were full and pink.  She was so beautiful.

"She looks lost," Adrian commented.  "Maybe she's new?"

I sighed, knowing where Adrian was going with this.  "Come on.  We'll show her around."  Taking his hand in mine, I walked towards the double doors that separated us from this new girl.

"Hi," Adrian said.  "I'm Adrian, this is Aria.  Are you new here?"

"Yes," the girl said.  She had an accent; Italian it sounded like.  "My name is Katarina.  It's my first day, and..." she shrugged helplessly.  "I'm lost."

Hearing her name set off fireworks in my head.  I suddenly realized why she looked so familar. 

Let me explain.

I'm a writer.  Plain and simple.  I plan to get my first novel published before I graduate.  Which was just under two years away.  My main novel centered around a girl by name of Katarina, who happened to look exactly like this new Katarina.  I didn't put much thought in it.  Most Italians look alike, and Katarina was a popular Italian name, right?

"Well, we have an assembly right now," I said, giving Katarina my most genuine smile.  "Come on, we'll show you where it is."

Adrian and I took off down the hallway, Katarina close on our heels.

The End

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