The Darker Side of Me

Aria Haleson is a sixteen year old aspiring writer. One day, her favorite character, Katarina, magically comes out of her story. Aria finds a friend in Katarina, until certain events happen that forces Aria to question all she ever thought about herself.

My eyes opened.

I couldn't remember the dream I had had, only that it was real enough to wake me from my slumber.  Not much usually wakes me.  I can sleep through anything, storms, earthquakes -- even a tornado as I was told by my parents.  So, some silly image brought up by my self-conscious?  Hardly.

I racked my brain, trying to think of what could have possibly roused me.  My breathing was heavy and laboured, and I put my hand over my heart to slow it's beating.  Oh!  That's what it was.  My heart.  Just before I'd woken up, a sharp pain had grasped my heart. Not as though something were trying to force its way in, but as though something had been pulled out. 

I wasn't worried.  Heart problems ran in my family.  It was nothing to worry about. 

Turning my head to the side, I checked the red numbers on my alarm clock.  Still slightly disoriented, it took a while for my eyes to focus.  When they did, these numbers glowed back at me:  7:48.

Seven forty-eight!

I shot out of bed like a bullet.  Fumbling in the dark, I stumbled to my closet and pulled clothes out at random.  My hands soared over the cotton shirts and denim jeans that made up my wardrobe.  I pulled a light shirt and some jeans and ran to the bathroom. 

The water from my shower was lukewarm, but I made it in and out in twelve minutes.  Of course that left me ten minutes to get to school.  I pulled on the jeans, t-shirt, quickly combed through my wet hair, grabbed my keys and a Pop-Tart, and raced out the door.

Looking back on it, even though I was distracted, I should've realized the random person in my living room.

The End

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