Chapter Five

Chapter Five


When I got to my first lesson of the day, Emma made sure that she sat down with me and everyone that she’d introduced earlier. She obviously wanted us to talk to us all.

“Now guys, we need to talk about Fraser. Obviously Darren has some questions about him…Darren?” She nodded toward me. I thought for a moment,

“When did he become evil?”

“The day of your birth. Everyone knows that!” Molly said cheerfully. The group nodded in agreement.

“Okay, um…” Maybe I should see whether what Dream Fraser said about his reasons for becoming evil were true. “Why did he become evil?” I asked simply. It was as if I’d mentioned some sort of taboo. The whole group—no; the whole class turned to me, shocked.

“Well, um…” Emma said to me nervously, “Only one person’s meant to know. You.” She stated, her eyes darting everywhere but on me.

“Wait, so what he said was true?” I said.

“What do you mean? You’ve met him?!” Molly gasped. I shook my head,

“No, he told me in my dream.” I replied. Everyone’s faces morphed from ones of shock and fright to relief and understanding.

“He said that-”

“Don’t say it!” April cried. “If we find out, we’ll all turn evil. It happened once.” Everyone looked off into the distance, obviously remembering.

“Look, I don’t like all of these rules, and I especially don’t like the fact that you lot know more about me and my destiny than I do! So please stop talking about it!” I said, angry. Everyone went silent. Not that they weren’t already quiet, but there wasn’t a sound at all. Not a sound of breathing, of clocks ticking; nothing. But not only did they stop making sounds; they’d stopped moving too. I was sure this couldn’t have been my doing.

Suddenly, a loud ripping sound came from behind me. I whirled around to see Fraser—evil Fraser—standing there, smirking. My eyes widened. Not good. I turned around.

“Emma, what-” I broke off. It wasn’t just that they weren’t moving. They were frozen, their faces unmoving masks of the expressions they were wearing before. They couldn’t move.

“You, Darren, have been causing me a lot of trouble. Now I know you don’t know what I’m talking about, but”

“Actually, I do.” I was amazed at my sudden courage. I scowled at him, and bared my teeth. I slid my tongue over them, and felt my canines slowly prolong. Fangs. A feral snarl escaped from my throat. Fraser looked shocked.

I lowered into a hunters crouch, with my arms stretched out either side of me, my fingers bent. I nearly expected claws to rise out of them.

“No…this isn’t meant to happen yet!” Fraser said worriedly, backing slowly away.

“Look,” I growled. “If you don’t leave this town- no, this world now, then I’ll have to do it myself.” He was still backing away. I was laughing now, though it wasn’t me in the drivers seat of…me, anymore. But I could feel who was. The vampire in me. I decided to let it do what it would. I surely didn’t know how to fight this guy. But the vampire could.

I pounced and was clawing at his face within a millisecond.

“No!” he was screaming, but I could no longer hear it. All I could hear was the vampire-me laughing. And I liked the sound.

Within seconds, I found myself pushing him up to the ceiling, in a way that a bully might push a kid into the lockers. When he fell to the floor, he was unconscious.

Everyone gasped. I turned to see the shocked faces of my entire Maths class staring at me, wide eyed and gaping.

“Quickly!” shouted Emma. “Get Fraser to The Lock and Key!”

“Is that like some sort of slang for Prison?” I asked her when I was sure that the vampire had left me for the moment.

“No it’s a pub.” She said, shrugging. “He’s unable to leave that pub once he’s in it.” I nodded in understanding. Perfect.

I saw Molly and April grab Fraser effortlessly and take him out of the room. I heard them talking, and then the same kind of sound that an electric car makes. They were using vampire speed.

“So,” Emma said. “What happened?”

“Well, at first you all stopped moving, and then Fraser came by ripping his way in. He was smiling, and then I remember not thinking about anything, and the vampire in me was controlling what I was doing. It was scary. But also a good feeling, too.” I said.

“You just let the vampire do everything?” Dane said from behind me. I nodded,

“Uhuh. Wasn’t I meant to?”

“Well your not meant to be able to yet. Which is weird…’cause you did.” He replied. Well duh! I thought.

A sudden wave of vertigo hit, and I didn’t trust my feet with their task of staying on the ground.

“Wow, Darren are you okay? You look kinda green.” Emma stated as she walked up to my. She placed an arm on my shoulder, staring at me sincerely. I shook my head.

“I think I need to go home.” I replied. All of this was just too much. I needed some time to escape this fairytale. Maybe dreaming would seem more real.


I’m inside a forest in a clearing somewhere. It is surrounded by old, tall oak trees. I look to my left then my right. I’m obviously looking for something…But what?

A muffled gasp sounds from behind me. I whirl around. There’s no one there. I walk toward the trees. It gets darker the closer I get. I expect to find someone behind a tree, so I jump behind it, intent on surprising whoever it was. It’s a small girl. She has jet black hair which is so long, it would almost touch the floor if she stood up. But she’s not standing up—she’s lying at the foot of the tree, huddled up, crying. She holds a ratty old teddy-bear.

She sobs very loudly, so I’m surprised I heard the voice over the sound.

“Don’t expect them to do anything. They can’t; this is all you. You have to deal with it.” I gasp.



I woke up hyperventilating, covered in a layer of sweat. I was in my room, though I had no memory of walking up the stairs from the sofa. I rose from my bed slowly, because I knew that if I got up too fast, I would get head-rush. And I hate head-rush.

It was still daytime, so I was anxious to find out the time. I walked to the far left corner of my room, and picked up my phone off the desk. Half-two in the afternoon. I still had about half a day left. I decided to do some research. I pressed the ‘on’ button on my computer, and the monitor burst into life within half a second. I logged in and got up an Internet page.

I got onto Google, and searched good and evil. My search wasn’t very fruitful. It was mostly role-playing games. I decided to widen my search. Fraser Bootman, I typed. It came up with two results. One Facebook profile, and the other one a poem of sorts.

Before the start of the day,

Fraser will come to play.

He’ll make you choose,

To win or to loose,

Good or Evil,

And your choice will fall where it may.


“Well, that was…interesting.” I said to myself. I decided my search wasn’t going to come up with much more, so I went downstairs. The house was still empty, which was weird, because Mum shouldn’t be at the hospital any more, and she didn’t even have a job. I shrugged. Maybe she was out.

I walked aimlessly around the house, thinking of things to do. I looked in the fridge (I ate out of boredom a lot), but the fridge was bare. So I decided to go outside in the garden. The garden wasn’t that big, but it wasn’t small—more like five yards length and width-ways. It was all grass apart from a stone pathway that led into the forest at the end of the garden. There was a white picket fence that was used to enter the forest.

The way the sun shone put a yellow tint on the dusty floor of the forest. If you looked at it from far away, it would look like the trees weren’t even half a meter apart, but the was two yards worth of space between all of them.

I turned around to inspect the rest of the garden when I saw something hanging from a tree. A body. I yelped when I saw it, and ran towards it. As I drew closer, I knew who it was. Her long flowing blonde hair; her pale skin.

My Mum…

The End

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