Chapter Four

“He should wake up soon.” I heard someone say in a deep, throaty voice.

“You don’t have to put on a voice anymore. We all know you’re a vampire.” That still got me, even though I was unconscious.

“I guess you’re right.” The voice said again, but this time, his voice was still deep, but it was beautiful and hypnotising. I decided to start thinking about my life since I came here. First it was a stupid boring new school in a stupid boring new town, and now it’s vampires? How did this happen? I was still in shock from finding out that the whole town was full of vampires. If I wasn’t already unconscious, I would’ve fainted again.

“He’ll open his eyes in under a minute.” The doctor-vampire exclaimed. I started to wake up. I hadn’t opened my eyes yet, and I was determined to prove the doctor wrong. I kept my eyes closed, intending to keep them in that state for more than a minute.

“Is he gonna be okay?” I heard Emma ask. I opened my eyes in a flash. The doctor laughed.

“I’m guessing so.” He was smiling in a weird way to make me feel comfortable. It was having the opposite effect.

“Vampires, eh?” I said. The doctor let out a sigh.

“Yeah. You’re taking it well.” Emma stated. I nodded,

“I had a lot of time to think about it just now. I’m over it…I think.” I reassured her. A sudden wave of head-rush came over me and I groaned. Six hands were fussing over me in a second.

“It’s okay! It’s just head-rush, jeez.” I said, pushing them away.

“Are you sure, hun’?” Mum said worriedly. I nodded, causing another surge of head-rush. I held my fingers to my forehead and rubbed. It helped a little.

“Ugh. So, can someone please tell me about the vampires?” I said. They obviously thought—no, hoped—that I’d forgotten.

“Okay.” Said Emma. “Everyone here is a vampire apart from you and your mother. Now, because you were the only person that ever chose to take the path of good, that means that you are the Chosen One. You as a vampire would be indestructible, and you’d have powers beyond belief. But unfortunately, there are a group of three evil vampires that want to turn you into a vampire so they can gain your power to end the world. We’re her to stop that from happen.

“We invited you to come to this town so that we could protect you. The name of the good vampires are The Puro. It’s Portuguese for ‘pure’. It means that when we turned into vampires, we chose the path of a good vampire.”

“Then I’m not the only one that chose good. There’re a whole town of you!” I said. Emma shook her head.

“We chose to be good vampires. You chose to be a good human. We knew that one day, you would arrive, and that your powers would start to activate in the middle of your seventeenth year of your life. That’s tomorrow at five-past-ten at night.” She said. Wow.

“Okay, but what…powers do I get?” I said. Inside I was screaming. My mind was spilling over with this. But outside I was cool-headed.

“Tomorrow, you should be able to run faster than any vampire; you’ll be stronger; you’ll have a keener sense of smell and that’s about it. But when you may turn into a vampire, the possibilities are endless.”

“How fast is a vampire though?” I said. They might be average speed. Not all stories are accurate. But I was wrong. She ran to the other end of the room with half a second to spare. She didn’t disappear and reappear; nor did she run so fast that all you saw was a blur. She just ran like she was in fast forward…times one hundred.

I was in shock. My expression didn’t change from the astonishment.

I looked around the room but saw nothing. My mind was probably moving faster than Emma could.

“I’m going to sleep” was all I could get out of my mouth before the blackness took over again.



I got home late that night. Mum was allowed to come with me, because the Cancer was a cover story for her being at the hospital so much to talk to the vampires. Neither of us talked throughout the journey home. I wasn’t angry at her; we just didn’t have anything to say.

When I got in, I went straight up to my room, leaving the door open for my mum. I lay on my bed and started to listen to my iPod. I scrolled down until I saw my favourite song. Ignorance by Paramore. It would sound weird that the song sent me to sleep, but maybe it was because I had it on so loud, and I kept blinking because of the noise. But no matter what the reason was, I still fell asleep.

My dream this time was different. Fraser wasn’t evil; he was the angel I saw before. I was in the middle of a conversation that I’d forgotten the subject of. I decided that answers were what I needed.

“Why were you evil in my dream?” I said whilst he was talking. His face dropped to one of sorrow. He looked of to the left of wherever we were.

“I turned evil when I got kicked out of Heaven. I was banished because I was pushing people to choose the path of evil without knowing. I realised that it wasn’t me that was doing that; it was a curse of evil that was put on me when I was created. When I realised this, the evil took over completely, and when an angel turns evil, they become a true vampire. All true vampires are evil. Apart from you. Because you’re the Chosen One, you can’t be evil, especially when you become a vampire.” He explained.

“But how come you’re good now?”

“Because in your mind, you’d rather me be good. This is your dream, remember.” He reminded me. His eyes widened.

“Wake up,” he ordered emotionlessly. I frowned,


“Wake up.” He repeated in a monotone. I frowned before I realised that I was no longer with Fraser; I was with my mum in my bed and she was telling me to wake up.

“So you are alive.” She joked. I smiled infinitesimally. I wasn’t in the mood for humour. I got out of bed and walked to my wardrobe before I realised that I was still in my normal clothes.

“Yeah, I didn’t want to wake you to make you put your pyjamas on.” Mum confessed. I nodded and walked out of my room. I looked at my hands and found that my iPod was still there. So I plugged the ear-phones in my ears and put on Airplanes by Hayley Williams and B.O.B. That song always put me in a good mood.

I was eventually singing along happily whilst making my cereal. Jesus Christ, that song could put me in a good mood after finding out that I lived in a town full of vampires.

I ate quickly and drove to school hastily too. I needed to talk to all of my vampire friends.

I drove slowly on purpose, because I wanted to buy my time. To face all of the vampires wouldn’t be nice. But it was inevitable.

Emma was standing at the gates motionless, with two shrouded figures behind her in the shadow. I sighed. Unavoidable; inevitable.

“Hi.” I said when I get to her. Her face was unreadable.

“Darren, I’d like you to meet a few people. This is Molly Curtis,” she said, gesturing toward a teenage girl with light eyes and an adult look to her, “this is April Scabetta,” she gestured to another teenage girl with long brown hair which was pulled into a pony-tail, “this is Rebecca Methven,” this girl had short blonde hair and blue eyes, “and this,” she pointed to a boy who was quite short, had short fair hair and blue eyes, and porcelain coloured skin, “is Dane Trotter.”

I nodded toward every one of the people she pointed out. I recognised everyone but the boy from Music class.

“I’m Dar-”

“We know who you are. We’ve kinda been waiting for you.” Molly said with a smile. She seemed kind. I frowned. Obviously, me; the quietist person ever, would be known throughout a whole town. Just my luck.

I walked through the gates, knowing that they’ll all be following close behind. I rolled my eyes when I looked back, and they were in fact behind me.

I got to my form room, closely followed by no one, thankfully. But I was sure that everyone in this school was a vampire, and I knew that they probably knew that I knew they were vampires. Things were going to be awkward. I decided to sit in the back, out of the way of anyone’s glare. But they still managed to stare.

The End

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