Chapter Three

“Emma? What’s wrong? Is it your dad?” I asked before ushering her in.

“No, it’s nothing to do with that. I just need to talk to you.” She replied, seemingly happy. I frowned. Was she bipolar?

“Um, go ahead?”

“Thanks. Well, I need to tell you about…someone. His name is Fraser.” Oh my god! Maybe it wasn’t just a dream. Maybe it was a prophecy! “He’s like the town’s…Well, I guess ‘bully’ is the right word. Steer clear from his. You can recognise him from this birthmark on his neck. It’s like two little holes a couple of inches apart.”

“Yeah, ‘cause if I think it’s him, I’m gonna go up to him and look closely at his neck for holes.” I rolled my eyes, trying to put on a poker face. I gulped so she couldn’t hear.

We both walked to the sofa and sat down.

“Be very careful around him. He’s…unstable.” Does he also drink blood and eat people?

“When you say unstable…”

“He’s a complete and utter lunatic.” I nodded.

“Thanks for the warning. Now, tell me about your dad.” I ordered. She sighed.

“Okay. What do you want to know?”

“What happened when you caught him?” I asked cautiously. She might get offended.

“I went to his office to say hi, and the door was unlocked. I heard my dad saying that he loves the person he was with. I thought it was my mum. When I walked in, it wasn’t my mum. It was our maid!” She stopped to take a deep breath.

“So I ran away from home. They still don’t know I’m gone.” We both went quiet for a moment.

“You looked a mess when you came by. And I am so sure your eyes turned red. Maybe it was the lighting.” I said, looking off to the left, remembering. She looked the same. She shook her head quickly, obviously trying to get the memory out of her mind.

“Anyway, I’d like you to meet someone. Her name’s Erica.” She said, smiling. Shaking her head had worked. I nodded.

“Sure, I’m up for that.” Her smile morphed into a full on grin.

“Let’s go” she said, taking my hand and pulling me along again. When we got out, she turned to me.

“Get your car keys” she ordered cheerfully. Definitely bipolar. I shrugged and walked into the kitchen to grab my keys to my blue Mazda MX5. It was my life. I unlocked it and got dragged to the car by Emma. She got in the passenger seat, and I slowly sat in the driver’s seat. I turned on the ignition and started to pull out of the drive.

She directed me to a beautiful house in the outskirts of town. It was more like a cottage. I had cream stone walls, a thatched roof and wooden windows that you’d only see in a cottage. There were two little doors that opened the windows. It looked so cosy and nice. Emma skipped to the wooden door and waited for me to come. She knocked on the door three times and waited. A girl opened the door. She had shoulder length brown hair that was pulled back into a tight pony tail. She was quite pale and had freckles that were scattered along the area where her small nose was. She had her mouth closed and made it look quite small. She had blue eyes and she looked about fifteen.

“Hi Emma. Who’s this?” she said, nodding toward me. Emma widened her eyes significantly.

This is the person I was telling you about. Darren.” Erica nodded.

“Hi,” I said, sticking out my hand. She grabbed it and shook it firmly, smiling.

“I get the feeling you brought him to me for a reason, Emma?” Erica said in a polite way. Emma nodded.

“Yes—I need you to show him the vision.” Vision? Was she a fortune teller or something. Erica sighed.

“Fine. But he better be the real guy this time.” Erica said. Real guy? What was happening? I frowned as Emma pushed me through the door and sat me down on the sofa that looked very old. I sat down carefully as Erica and Emma sat down on either side of me.

“Darren, Erica is going to show you something. Don’t get scared when you see it, it may hurt.”

“Wha-?” I was cut off by pain. Searing pain that burned through my veins, lighting them on fire. My eyes seemed to burn so powerfully that I thought they had been pulled out of my sockets. Blackness filled my vision. Suddenly, a scene started to unfold before me.


A figure of a boy was standing in front of me. I couldn’t see him; only the light that seemed to shine out from behind him. He looked like he was an angel. When he came into vision, I realised who it was. Fraser.

“Stay away from me! I know who you are!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. But he didn’t seem to hear me.

“Darren. You’re life is about to start. You need to make a choice. Evil or good?” he said it angelically. Maybe he was an angel.

“Darren, I am Fraser, the angel of life. You must answer. You are about to enter the world. Make the decision.”

My lips moved without me controlling them. I looked down at myself. I was a young baby, and it looked like I was under water. My mouth opened to speak.

“Good.” Fraser nodded. Now I got it. Fraser was the angel that let you decide what you will be before you’re born. Though I’d never known of it, it was obvious. Blinding light filled my vision, and I was back with Emma and Erica.

“Whoa!” I said as I felt my eyes change colour. As if they were changing back to blue. Erica giggled.

“What…was that?” I gasped. Emma chuckled too.

“That,” she said, “was you. Before you were born. You were the only one in the world that ever chose the Good Side.”

“That’s impossible. There’re loads of good people in the world.” I exclaimed.

“But they’ve all done something wrong in their lives. You haven’t.” She countered.

“I put my mum through pain at birth.” I said.

“No you didn’t. She was unconscious and couldn’t feel a thing. Now, I brought you here to see this vision for a reason. This town has a secret.” She said nervously. I nodded.

“It’s about that guy, Fraser, right?” I said. Emma nodded, and a strand of golden hair fell across her deep blue eyes. It shimmered gold, and when she swept it away, I noticed something different. Her eyelashes had lengthened, casting long shadows across her now brilliant-blue eyes. Her skin was immensely paler and flawless. Her mouth was blood-red and was curved up into a beautiful smile. Her beauty was inhuman. I turned to Erica. She was as beautiful. Instead of blue eyes, Erica had bright violet eyes that almost shined. I ran out of the cottage. I got to my car quickly and drove home at sixty miles-per-hour. I got in and locked the door.

As soon as I got to my room, I turned on my computer, waited for the screen to flash blue, turned on the Internet, and got onto Google. This was where I was stumped. What could I write? I didn’t think that if I searched vampires, there wouldn’t be many useful things. Instead, I searched the town’s name.


Myths Of Bodmin.


I searched carefully through the links. Most of them were about the Beast Of Bodmin. But one caught my eye.


Vampires in Bodmin Moor.


I clicked on it. It was a site all about myths and legends of Bodmin Moor. The most visited page was the one about vampires. One article about it caught my eye. I read through it carefully.


For years now, Bodmin Moor has been plagued by the curse of vampyrism. The evil entities have been attacking not only the livestock; but also the children and the women. They must be eradicated. Come to the Town Hall on the next full moon. This is when they’re most likely to emerge. And we will slay them until the curse is lifted. Bodmin Moor will never be the dwelling of vampyres again.


It seemed that vampires weren’t ever fully eradicated from Bodmin. Because everyone here seems to be one. A panic attack was threatening to materialize in me. My breathing became limited. But I wasn’t panicked for myself. My mother was in a hospital full of vampires who may decide to start ‘surgery’ on her arteries.

I got the keys to my car and drove to the hospital, breaking the speed limit for the first time in my new car.


I got to the hospital quickly, and stormed in. I already was positive that they were vampires, but I wasn’t going to take a chance by threatening them and calling them vampires. You know; just in case.

“Hello!” the woman at the desk said cheerfully. She was smiling at me in a way that reminded of the reception lady back at the school.

“Um, hi. I’m here to see my mum.” I stated. She nodded, still smiling.

“Okie dokie. Name, please?” she said.

“Darren Collins.” I replied in a monotone. Did this woman ever stop smiling? She checked through some paper-work and looked up at me happily.

“You can go in now. Room thirteen.” She said happily. Room Thirteen? Uh oh. Thirteen was definitely our family’s unlucky number. All of my ancestors died on the thirteenth of some month. My face was panic stricken. Even I could tell.


I ran to room thirteen, and nearly fell over the chair that was next to my mum’s bed. She turned to me, confused.

“Darren? What’s wrong?” she said worriedly. I was trying to get my breath before I could speak.

“We’re getting out of this town.” I panted. She frowned.

“Why, honey?” she inquired.

“This town is full of vampires.” I blurted out. Shock filled her face. Then it morphed into a calm one.

“Don’t worry honey.” She said. Don’t worry? Don’t worry?!

“What’s going on, mum?” I said warily.

“When you were young, you were born here in Bodmin. It was full of vampires for years before, and it has been since. You were the only one who ever chose to-“

“Choose to be good.” I interrupted.

“Yeah. How did you-”

“Erica. Do you know her?” I said.

“Of course; she’d the queen of the good vampires.” What? What?!  This was all way too much for me to take in. I could feel myself loosing consciousness. The last thing I heard before I faded to the blackness was a doctor/vampire walking into the room and my mum telling them about me and vampires. And then my body was taken over by the dark.

The End

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