Chapter Two

We practised over the next few weeks. We came back to the music room after school, during break and lunch, and we spent every weekend together practising at my house. None of us minded, because we loved the song, and we wanted it to be perfect. I didn’t even let my mum hear us, because I wanted her to see it first at the concert.

I had added lots of new fancy piano skills to the song, and it sounded brilliant, and the girls loved it.


“I think we have it down.” Christine stated happily when we had just finished practising. I smiled.

“You both sound beautiful.” I said. “You give me chills when you sing this song!” I exclaimed happily. If it did that to me, I couldn’t imagine what it’d be like for our parents at the concerts. Inside, I was screaming with joy, but outside I had to keep cool-headed. This was still a new place for me.

The girls started to talk about costumes, and I hated talking about stuff like that, so I decided to go make some lunch. I got out a packet of spaghetti pasta, and put water in a saucepan in the hob. I waited to see the bubbles appearing erratically and quickly. I put the pasta in and waited until it cooked. I got started with the sauce whilst I was waiting. It was a recipe I learnt from my mother. I added fresh basil and Italian herbs to the sauce whilst the slices of onion were cooking. When they were done, I added the sauce. I didn’t have to wait long for the sauce to cook, and the spaghetti was done, so I dished out three plates and brought them back into the room. When I put the plates down, the girls looked at me, surprised.

“Did you just cook that?” Christina said. I nodded.

“Family recipe. I learnt it ages ago” I replied, smiling.

“Wow, how’d you do it so fast?” she asked whilst she held her fork full of pasta hovering near her mouth. I shrugged.


We all ate in silence, and when we were finished, I took everyone’s plates and took them into the kitchen to put them in the dishwasher. When I came back, Christine and Christina were talking about the deadline for the concert. It was a week from now—plenty of time. But they were scared.

“What if we mess up? I just know that I’ll mess up!” Christina was getting close to hysterics whilst Christine had her arm around her shoulder, comforting her.

“You’ll be fine. Besides, there’ll be lots of time to practise. A whole week. We know it perfectly, remember?”

“I-I guess.” She said. She exhaled loudly, and smiled. “Thanks, Chris.” She said. Christine nodded. I looked up at the clock. Six o’clock.

“We should stop now. We’ve done enough for one day.” I stated. Christine and Christina nodded, and got all of their stuff. I waved them goodbye as they left, and walked straight into my room. Practising had taken up al of my Saturday, so I decided to save my usual Saturday activities for our day off of practising—Sunday. So instead of Saturday activities crammed into an hour of daylight, I decided to read. I grabbed my copy of ‘The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner’. I’d already read all of the other Twilight books, and I thought that this book might’ve been a good read. This was the thirtieth time I was reading it…

I got to halfway through when I heard a knock on my window. I turned to open the pale blue blinds. There, standing as beautiful as ever, was Emma. I frowned. How did she know where I lived, and why was she here?

“Emma?” I said whilst I opened the window. She smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry for barging in, Darren. Would it be alright if I come in?” she asked. I nodded, but she made no move.

“Well, come in, then.” I said. She nodded and climbed through the window. She seemed to do even that gracefully. She went to sit down on my bed.

“What’s wrong, Emma?” I asked. She seemed edgy and scared. She whipped her blue eyes to mine.

“It’s…Um…” She thought for a moment. “My dad.” I went to sit next to her.

“What’s up with your dad.”

“I just…I just need to be away from him.” I frowned. I was never good at this type of stuff.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He’s cheating on my mum.” Wow. What to say…


“You don’t need to talk. I just need somewhere to stay. Can I sleep here…O-on your floor?” she asked politely with puppy-dog eyes.

“Sure. I’ll get some sheets ready.” I said before stalking out of the room to the Airing Cupboard. I took two duvets and a pillow into the room. She smiled as she took them. She laid them down neatly at the far left corner of my room. I walked downstairs whilst she went to sleep. I made myself some coffee, and drank it slowly. When I finished, I washed the mug and put it back. Walking back to my room, I heard crying.

“Emma?” I said before entering my room. She was huddled in the corner with her arms around her knees which were pulled up to her chin. Tears were dripping down her pale cheeks.

“I just can’t take it! I- I hate my dad!” she yelled angrily. I was lucky that my mother wasn’t home yet. What I saw then baffled me. It was so small; so infinitesimal. But it was there. Maybe it was only for a fraction of a second, but her eyes definitely turned red. I frowned.

“What happened just now with your eyes?” I asked, leaning in closer. She looked shocked.

“Um, nothing.” She replied stubbornly.

“C’mon; I just saw them go red.” Her eyes widened. They were blue again, but I definitely saw something.

“That’s ridiculous.”

“No, I’m pretty sure you-”

“I…I have to go.” She said, interrupting me. She walked briskly toward the window she came in through. She smiled half-heartedly as she climbed out. But instead of scouring the walls like she did when she came in, she jumped.

“No!” I shouted, running to the window. That drop would kill her! I looked out of the window. She was walking away normally. Had I missed something?

My phone pulled me out of my thoughts. Airplanes by Hayley Williams and B.o.B played. I looked at it. It was my mum.

“Hi mum.”

Hiya hun, how are you?

“I’m fine, just a bit tired. When will you be back from the hospital?” I asked.


Well, here’s the thing. I’m going to be here for a couple of weeks. You’re old enough to hold up the forte and I trust you. But the cancer has gone worst, and I need to stay here. I’m so sorry!

“What?” I said gravely.

Sorry honey, I have to go. Bye!

“Bye” I said it like I was hypnotised. I grabbed my crucifix necklace and rubbed it. I always felt close to God when I rubbed it. A stray tear rolled down my face. Mum had always been sick, but never had she been sick enough to stay there for even a night! Let alone a few weeks!

I fell onto my bed, holding the necklace. I fell asleep in that position.


That morning, I woke up and got dressed in a daze. I was still taking in last night’s events. I made myself some breakfast and coffee and walked to the computer. It flashed to life instantly. I played a few songs, but got bored and walked into the front room. It was quite a small room. It had a door that stood next to a brown leather settee. Opposite the settee was a television that looked very high tech. The carpet was very fluffy and cream, the same colour as the walls.

I turned on the telly, but got bored of it once I’d flicked through all forty channels. I walked up the elegant stairs to the landing that looked out upon the front room, the kitchen and the dining room. The landing was quite big and it was all wooden. It was quite empty except for the grand piano. I sighed. Piano always cheered me up.

Instead of playing Hurt, I played Pachelbel’s Canon. It was a beautiful song, and I loved to play it. It was so soothing and melodic. It did its job, and I was soon calm.

I walked back to my room whilst plugging my iPod earphones into my ears. I played through R!OT by Paramore twice. After a while, I fell asleep. My dream was horrible.


I wake in a room. A dark, empty room, with nothing in it but me and two halves of a wooden love-heart painted red. The red paint is still wet, and it’s dripping off of the halves. They are bleeding. Dark crimson blood oozing out of them, rolling to the floor as if it was shot.

I walk cautiously towards the heart. I go to touch it ever so softly, but suddenly, the scene changes. The room is bright and white, like a hospital room. But there was no doctor. Only a boy of average height and short brown hair. He’s very pale and his eyes are slits, but the red in them seems to glow out of the sockets.

He smiles, showing gleaming, pointy fangs, dripping with crimson blood. He starts to walk gracefully toward me.

“Who are you?!” I shout. His sneer grows.

“Call me Fraser.”


And then I awoke. I shook my head to try to get those pictures out.

“What a horrible dream!” I exclaimed. I was feeling a little bit better, and I was okay with mum having cancer. She was a strong woman—she’d pull through.

I trudged lazily down the stairs to the kitchen. I had horrible head rush, and it was getting worse. Instead of getting the glass of water that I was searching for, I walked back into the front room, turned on the TV and watched a programme about Cheetahs. But that boys face kept flashing in my mind. I had to clear my mind of it. He wasn’t real, he wasn’t real! I kept telling myself that, but I still didn’t believe it.

I was started to get hot—maybe I was coming down with something. I walked into the bathroom and got a cold flannel and put it over my forehead. It helped, but only infinitesimally. I kept the flannel in place whilst I walked into the kitchen to get some Paracetamol for the horrible headache that was making an appearance.

I knew instantly what that boy was. I knew a lot about vampires. I even knew that they weren’t real! If so, though, why was I getting sick because of it. His face was infecting my mind. I had to think of something else.

I tried counting backwards from one-hundred, but when I finished, all it did was make me tired. His face, smiling at me, was still there. If anything, he was scarier now that I was closer to the dream world. I shook my head, and decided caffeine was the only medicine I needed. I needed to wake up, so I made a cup of coffee, downed it and waited for it to work.

When I’d cleaned the coffee, three loud knocks banged on my front door. I looked at the clock. It was twelve o’clock in the afternoon. I shrugged and walked to the door to open it. It was Emma.

The End

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