Chapter Ten


Chapter Ten


I stared at my hands. They felt different but didn’t look any different. I felt new power. I was marvelling at my hands as Erica walked in front of me, and pointed at the balcony.

“Do it to the balcony. This time, when you let go, close your eyes and breathe out slowly.”

I did as she said.

“Open your eyes.” Erica said proudly. I did so. The balcony was completely white and shiny. I had turned everything into ice, even the window.

“If you’re not concentrating on one thing, it turns everything into ice within about a five foot radius.” She explained, smiling. I was still gob-smacked at my powers, so I didn’t hear Emma walk in quietly. Otherwise, I would have.

“So you have ice powers. We’d always thought it would’ve been fire.” She said, scaring me half to death.

“Whoa, Emma, you almost gave me a heart attack!” I exclaimed, laughing.

“Vampire? Heart attack?” Erica said, laughing too. I rolled my eyes.

“Whatever the equivalent is. What do we do now?” I asked. Erica and Emma looked at each other.

“Now…” Emma paused. “Now, we find Fraser.”

Everything was silent. They wanted me to go to the…thing that wanted me dead, and had the power to do it? How strong did they think I was? I shook my head.

“We better hurry. Look!” Erica exclaimed pointing out the window. I instantly sensed danger in her tone. I ran up to the window in a sixteenth of a second. I saw Fraser walking gracefully, as if he were strolling, up the mountains toward the camp. But he had an army. A huge army.

“Crap…” I said. Then everything moved quickly. Emma and Erica moved in front of me before flinging themselves off of the balcony. I followed them, freefalling down the cliff. We landed gracefully and safely on the ground right in front of Fraser. Everyone else on our team had seen the army, and they came running out. Both of our teams were threatening. Luckily, my team; the good team, had more members.

“Mr Darren! Nice to see you again.” He said as if we were old friends. I scowled at him, and his grin wavered. He knew he hadn’t really got to me as much as he wanted to.

“I’m going to finish you slowly!” I said. My mother needed vengeance. He smiled. I lunged for him, clawing out with my hand. He flinched back just in time. But I had another hand. I raised it slowly but silently to his throat. I kept lifting my hand until he was a foot off of the ground. I moved my hand back, as if pulling him toward me, then threw him. He flew away from me, growing smaller as he went. I saw him land on a rock. I had finally finished him. He died, and I liked it.

I looked back at the army. Snarling, I crouched down.

“Bring it on.”



The End

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