Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine


“How the hell did Fraser get in?” Mack asked angrily. He turned to me, “Now’s your chance, boy. You can defeat him.” I snarled in response, closed my eyes and let my instincts take over. I leapt through the jelly, and landed on Fraser on the other side of the HQ. I scratched, clawed and punched, and he didn’t get a shot in. My anger was taking over now. But I didn’t want to be that person; the person who fights when angry. But I didn’t have a choice.

I grabbed by the head, raised him upside down above my head as if he was a weightless doll, and lobbed him out through the jelly. The last I saw of him was his limp, beaten body rolling off the edge of the cliff. Everyone cheered and ran up to me, but I waved them away. This wasn’t a celebration scene. This was a revenge scene. An angry scene. A scene of death,

I stalked off into one of the chapters in the back of the HQ. I jumped on the bed, realising I hadn’t yet claimed a room. This one seemed okay. It was big and square. It resembled a hotel room, but this was more comfortable, and felt homier. On the far left side was a bed with a weird pattern on the duvet, and it was made up. It was put up against the sliding glass doors which led to the balcony which was just about big enough for several people. The balcony looked out on the cliffs. There was a telly on the side of the room in the middle, which was up against the wall. As soon as I walked into the room, to the right there was a bathroom with a small shower, but no bath. To my left there seemed to be a closet.

I flopped down on the bed and tried to fall asleep. I thought about my life before finding out about vampires. It was so easy. I was going to school, making new friends and sometimes thinking about meeting old ones, but now. Now I was a vampire.

In the end, I didn’t fall asleep. There was too much on my mind. Instead, I went out onto the balcony and imagined seeing Fraser rolling down the cliffs. It was like a comfort blanket, imagining him in pain. It meant he could feel pain; he was beatable. But I knew it was going to be hard to beat him.

A quiet knock on my door interrupted me.

“Come in,” I said quietly, knowing that they could hear me even if I’d whispered the invitation. The door opened slowly, making a creaking sound. Erica walked in, smiling apologetically.

“I heard about your mum.” She said, sitting on the bed. I sat down next to her.

“Yeah.” I replied simply. I didn’t want to say anything more. She nodded.

“I get that you may be angry, but using anger to beat Fraser isn’t going to help. He expects that.”

“How come you’re the expert?”

“Funny you should ask.” She said before touching my head in the way she did when she gave me the vision of Fraser in her home. I fell into blackness.


I open my eyes hesitantly. I look around myself, searching. Searching for something which I can’t remember what. I get up and look in a tall mirror. I’m Erica. I frown but soon forget that I’m meant to be Darren Collins. I forget, because I realise when I am. I’m in the early twentieth century, at about 1901 and I’m Erica Marie Hale . I’m wearing the type of typical clothes I would be at this time.

I turn around to see a door. I walk through the door curiously. And there stands Fraser. I shriek a growl.

“You killed my father!” I moan angrily. I claw at his face, almost ripping it off but he laughs and over powers me, throwing me back into the room. Anger is replaced by my concentration on my fluttering consciousness. Somehow, I hold on. I growl at him, and that’s when I realise. Anger is the key. Attack him stealthily instead of angrily.

He swipes at me, but I duck under the swipe, grab his arm and twist it so I have him in a locked hold. I throw him out of the window.


The hotel room faded back into view.

“Was I just in your past, Erica Marie Hale?” I said, grinning. Ha-ha, I know your name! Big whoop! I thought. She smiled, embarrassed.

“Yeah. You were. That was when I killed Fraser.” She explained.

“But he’s still alive.”

“That’s what he’d make you think. He’s actually an apparition with powers. He can make you feel him. But if you kill a ghost, there’s no other stage of death. Just Hell and Heaven. Treat him like a vampire, because calling him an apparition is like calling an arctic wolf an arctic wolf instead of a wolf; it doesn’t really matter because they act and do exactly the same.” I nodded and frowned. I did what Erica did in the vision though. I threw him out of the window. Wouldn’t that do the same?

“No.” I flinched. Did she read my mind?

“Yes. I don’t only show things to your mind, I take things and put them in mine too. Like a mind reader. What I did when I threw Fraser out of the window was that I threw him onto a piece of broken wood that acted like a stake. And this will work with you. The traditional way to do it is when you get a stake and stake him whilst he’s sleep him. Or you could fight him and stake him then and there. Either’s fine.”

“Um, okay?” It was she was giving me information on a new job or something. I looked back out of the balcony. I decided it was too bright in here, so I walked over and closed the curtains. I went back and sat back down next to Erica.

“Why was I chosen? Was it just chance?” I asked, not looking directly at her.

“No. The baby born to the purest of families was to be the one. And though all of your family chose evil, they were the least evil evil people ever. And so you were born as who you are.”

“What is my purpose?”

“Well you were born like this for a reason.”

“What reason?”

“To eradicate evil. That’s a-given. But also, you were chosen to withhold powers.”

“Which ones?”

“All of them.”

Wow, every power in the world. That could become helpful.

“You probably have your first power.”

“Sure, speed strength, senses-”

“I’m talking about non-vampire powers. You’re first was meant to be ice related. You could be cryokenetic.”

“I’m not even going to attempt saying that…” I said jokingly. Erica smirked for a second.

“Get up.” She said, standing up and grabbing my hand to yank me up too.


“Focus on that.” She said, pointing to a vase on the bedside table.

“Okay, I’m focusing,”

“You should be focusing so much that you’re breathing goes cold, everything else is white and only you and the vase are there. Then there should be patches of colour floating around the place. Pick on, then it should be resisting, so make a stance that you would with a bow and arrow, use the patch of colour as the arrow, and shoot it at the vase.”

I waited for a moment, breathed out heavily, and then stared at the vase so intently that it started to go fuzzy. When everything came back into focus, it was just like Erica said it would be. I picked and ice-blue patch, pulled it back then let go. It flew toward the vase, and the vase turned to ice. Everything else came back into vision.

I waited a moment before speaking.

“I have ice powers?” I exclaimed quietly yet surprised.

The End

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