Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight


Vampires didn’t really take much notice of time- we had as much as we wanted- so training took a long time, really. Sometimes I would have a week’s break, and then I’d be eased back into training.

Not that I didn’t like the training—it was fun, but it was nice to have those breaks so that I could do my own thing. And that consisted mostly of reading, writing and playing the piano. But sometimes I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’d finished all of my books, perfected every song that I’d ever learnt on piano, and had a lot of time for insanity to creep in from the edges of my mind.

Christine and Alex walked up to me. They sat down on either side of me on the long piano stool.

“You’ve been sitting here for hours.” Alex stated matter-of-factly. Christine nodded in agreement.

“So we were thinking we could show them Hurt.” She said. My eyes widened. That seemed like a completely different lifetime ago!

“Okay!” I nearly shouted. Hopefully, I’d have some good memories of my mother.

I turned back to the keys, and began to play. Their voices harmonised together so well; Christine’s higher, softer voice, mixed with Alex’s lower, vibrato voice. They blended well. A vampire turned toward us and started to play the drums. Everyone joined in. Again;

‘After a couple of seconds, all of the other singers in the class started to join in, singing the backing vocals and humming along. It sounded professional.

When the song ended, everyone clapped and cheered. I smiled and laughed, happy that I’d had some fun in school for once.

“We’ve not ever done that before!” Emma said to me happily. “It was brilliant! Thanks, Darren!” she said…’

Memories flooded in. When I was human, and lived normally, with no knowledge of Vampires and things like that. What happy times. Everyone was laughing and having fun. They seemed…normal. As if they’d forgotten about Fraser. I had at the time. It was like I was with normal, human friends, in a human place, doing human things. But, even though I didn’t notice it at the time, I still subconsciously knew that I wasn’t human, and neither was anyone else in this room.

It only took one word.

“Hunting?” It was Mack’s voice. He was inviting me. I contemplated it. Though I loved being with my friends, playing the piano, I still needed a chance to just let me give in to my vampire instincts. I nodded nervously.

“Sure. I guess.” I said. I followed him through the jelly. We were walking side by side. He had his hands in his jacket pocket, and he was looking down whilst he walked. I was looking around, and I had one hand in my jean pocket. I was looking at where we were. We were on top of cliffs. I smelt the air. England. Probably Dover. The drop was so deadly that if I were human, I might’ve been scared… a little. I looked forward from then on. There wasn’t much else to see. I’d been here before. I looked to my left. I could see my old home. Back when my mother…when she was here.

“In here.” Mack ordered mysteriously. He was holding open a little door made out of the rock from the cave in the cliff. It seemed as if someone had created a very good secret area. I walked in. It was brilliant. Just my front room back at the bottom of the cliffs. The red settee sat at the back, facing the coffee table which held the big plasma screen T.V., and next to that was a pile of games, DVD’s and CD’s. the carpet was so soft that you could fall asleep on it. It was a nice cream colour. Off in the other room was my old kitchen too. It was very grand and modern; everything was black; the dishwasher; the microwave; the oven and the stove. I was amazed how they got it exactly right. But what surprised me most was what was cooking on the stove.

It was a robot of some sort. It looked like a metal box with hands. All really plain, and it was moving about the kitchen professionally.

“What’s that?” I asked Mack without looking away from the robot.

“I built that.” Mack laughed. “I built everything in here; in memory of your mother.” Pause.

“Thank you so much,” I said as my eyes started stinging. “This is brilliant. I can even smell my mum.”

“Her perfume. I thought that if you could be reminded of her as much as possible, you’d get used to it quicker. And since you’re a vampire, it would only have taken seconds for you to do so.” Mack said proudly. I sat down on the sofa. It felt exactly the same.

“Did you buy this?”

“I tracked it down. I tracked your scent. I’m old, and with age comes wisdom…and keener senses. If you’re a vampire.” He said as he sat down next to me. He turned the telly on. When a lighter colour appeared on the screen, it showed a mark that was made by me when I was younger. A fake blood mark that wouldn’t come off. It was Halloween, and, ironically, I wanted to be a vampire. The fake blood I used was very runny, and I didn’t anticipate that. It all came out at once, and left a red mark on the telly. I couldn’t believe he actually got it working, since we threw it out when it had stopped turning on.

“How did you fix it?” I asked.

“I know a lot of stuff; age equals wisdom, remember?” I nodded. This was brilliant. I looked to my left, and there were a flight of stairs. I went up them and went on the first door. My old room. I nearly cried. It had that same air freshener; that same picture, and my old trusty piano. I almost ran to it. I played a melody which I made up on the spot. It still sounded nice. Then I did something stupid. I went into my mum’s room.

I actually did cry then. It had her clothes, her earrings, her smell, her everything. I couldn’t help just giving into her essence, and fall asleep. I must have been there for hours because when I woke up, it was night. I went into the living room where Mack was watching the television.

“We should go.” I said. “They’ll be wondering where we are.” I stated. He nodded and rose from the settee. We both left quickly and quietly. Mack closed the door-type-thing behind him. We walked in silence from then on.

When we got to the jelly, a scene was unfolding before us. A horrible scene.

The End

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