Chapter Seven

Everyone formed a protective circle around me, crouching and snarling. Even I did, but this time, I was in control.

“You think you can keep him with you?” he said. He had to shout so that we could hear him, and it sounded like he was underwater.

No one said anything. Fraser started to look impatient.

“Look, if you just hand him over, then we’ll be done with this, and I won’t bother you any longer.”

“You’re evil. Why are we to believe that?” Emma retorted. Fraser thought for a moment. I realised that my muscles hadn’t moved or twitched at all; I was standing perfectly still. It was scary. But I had no time to dwell on that, since Fraser had started talking again.

“I’ll tell you what. The boy comes forward and comes with me, and I won’t kill him when he sleeps.” Fraser threatened. Emma rolled her eyes.

“Don’t go to sleep tonight.” She whispered. I nodded in agreement. Fraser scowled.

“Alright, then. I’ll just have to come in there and get him.” He said with a smile that looked very forced.

“You may try, but you won’t do i-” she was interrupted by a whole forming in the protective wall. Everyone roared in rage.

“Thank you, Victor.” He smiled to a scientist at the back near the computer. That scientist smiled evilly. I was behind him in seconds.

“I wonder what it’s like for a vampire to die.” I whispered in his ear, and not even a millisecond after, I killed him. He crumbled to the ground, and then parts of him started to spew out green dust, in a way that a hose might spew out water. After a while, Victor was no more. I turned to Fraser.

“You!” I screamed. I was behind him ready to kill him. But he laughed.

“You really think it’ll be that easy to kill me? Silly boy. You don’t get the fact that I’m the worst evil there is-”

“Yeah yeah,” I said, rolling my eyes. I pushed him out onto the other side of the jelly, then turned the jelly back on within that same second, even though the machine to do that was on the other side of the cave. He roared angrily, then ran off.

Everyone cheered.

“Well done, Darren!” Emma said, patting my back.

“Um, thanks. But can I just go for a second…t-to the dojo. I need time alone.”


I hadn’t given myself much time to grieve over my mum’s death, but I had to come to terms with it. My eyes were stinging. I ran with super-speed into the dojo, and sat down in the corner, next to a display of Sai on the wall. I plucked one out of its holder, and twirled it around in my hand. It had a blue handle, and Celtic carvings in the blade. It felt nice in my hand- I liked the weight of the metal, and the feel of it just gave me chills of delight. I heard someone at the entrance of the dojo scoff. It was Reid.

“It’s always the sai. They always choose the sai.” He exclaimed.

“Huh?” I asked. He was next to me within a second.

“The vampires that are made these days always like to use a pair of sai as a weapon.”


“Well, that particular sai was made for you a couple of centuries ago, but still.”

“What? This is mine?” I asked.

“Yeah. It’s meant to give you strength and skill and stuff. Here’s the other one.” He handed a second sai to me, then disappeared.

“Um, thanks.” I mumbled. I decided to go back out and face the crowd again.

“Are you okay?” Molly said as soon as I entered the room…Well, cave.

“I’m fine, it’s just that I don’t like what this idiot is doing to me! My life, my school, my home and now my mum! I hate him! And I can’t wait to kill him”

“I can help you with that.” A gruff voice said from behind me. Everyone gasped.

“Darren, this is Mack. He is the most famous, best vampire in the world! You’d be wise to listen to him.” Emma whispered. He didn’t seem that good. Just a regular man. He wore a grey Adidas hoodie with black stripes. He had the hood up, so I couldn’t see his eyes, but I could see a scar appearing out of the darkness, which was obviously also running over his eye. It went along his cheek to the corner of his lip. He was very pale, and had blood red lips. It looked natural though. He wore tracksuit bottoms with the same design as the hoodie, and white running trainers that looked brand new. He noticed me looking at them.

“I never touch the ground long enough to get them dirty.” He explained with a smile. At least he was friendly. I smiled back politely, stepping toward him. He held out his hand for a handshake. I took it meekly.

“So, you need help killing someone? I don’t know why you need me; you have the strength and speed of a thousand vampires when you put your mind to it.”

“Well, did I say I needed help?”

“Darren, you don’t need to. He appears when your subconscious asks for help without you physically knowing it. That way, he knows that someone is in definite need of help, so he doesn’t ever waste a trip.” Emma explained.

“So, you need help, I’m here. What’s stopping us from getting started?” he said before pulling his hood off. He had long brown hair that fell to his eyebrows, and his sideburns were combed inwards, pointing in the direction of his eye, as if his hair was a frame for his face. He had lines shaved out of the edges of his dark, thick eyebrows. The scar ran an inch over his eyebrow, and was a shade pinker than his skin. He frowned then looked up as if he were looking at the scar.

“Oh, this. I got this back in…Um, I think it was Rio. Really strong vampire tried to scrape my eye out with a spoon, but I moved, and instead of my eye, he scraped my face…Good times.” He smiled. He was a very easy-going vampire, and definitely not evil.

“Okay, so how do I kill Fraser?” I asked nervously. I seriously needed his help.

“Well, you can’t stake him like a normal vampire. You must sacrifice yourself against all odds; you must endure all weathers, to find the hidden pearl of Persephone.”


“Nah. Just behead him.”

“Oh…” Vampires joked?

“Lighten up, kid! Laugh! It’s good for you.”

Dane whispered something in his ear, which I wouldn’t have heard when I was a human. But I was a vampire,

“He just lost his mum. I don’t think he’s in the mood for laughing.” Just when I’d started to forget about that. I shook my head, trying to think about something else. Horses, vampires, love, life, hate, mum dying, mum dying, mum dying. I decided to try to ignore it.


Over the next few days, I spent as much time with Mack as I could. He had to teach me exactly how to hunt to keep my strength up; what animals to eat, and what not to; how to drink an animal’s blood without killing them, and especially how to kill (well, behead) a vampire.

But what he really taught me was how to hunt using scent. I was exceptionally good at that.

“Don’t look at what you’re hunting. Feel it!” he said before apologising for ever sounded like a mad old sensei.

“Look, all I’m saying is that it’s no good looking at it, when you can’t know if it’s going to move or not. You have to know when it’s gonna move. It’s a better way of hunting, right?”

“Um, I guess…?”

I really wanted to do this well and I desperately wanted- well, needed- to defeat Fraser. Not because I have to, and not for me or my friends. For my mum.

The End

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