Cell Block EMature

This was one of those rare times that Marc was happy that a demons perception of time was different than a humans, making everything last longer. Then all was dark, and Marc was in his element. The poor man never had a chance. Less than 10 minutes later, Marc was standing outside the reinforced steel door, reduced to crumpled tin foil, to the room they had been holding him in. A large grin on his face and various disturbing images behind him, he waited for his partner. That's when Marc felt the now familiar tingle that surged through him when another demon shifted near him. He looked behind just to be sure, but there stood Clare. "Nicely done. Very over dramatic, but nice nonetheless." she said coolly, turning back from silhouette. She gently lifted her dark glasses to sit more perfectly on her face. "Do you think we should check on our little friend in Cell Block E?" Marc asked. A devilishly beautiful grin was all the confirmation he needed. Shifting right up to him was impossible, for they had only cut the power to the interrogation rooms where Marc had been held. But they strolled silently through the light, fortunately there was little traffic. It took them near no time at all to come up to the locked solid steel door. "Time for some fun." came the voice of Clare from seemingly every angle. She was in shadow form somehow. Then the light above his head shattered, and he too was able to meld into the darkness. And with his new found strength, he could have easily knocked down that door, had they not been spotted. Time was running out, and he had only seconds to act.

The End

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