Six months earlier.Mature

Sasha smoothed the clingy red dress down in front.  Her body tingled, she loved the way it fell along the curves of her body, the way it caused her nipples to stand.. Edwin loved it too.

Edwin was.. everything He wasn't.. Did she feel bad?  No, it was a little strange that they were brothers but, things like this happened and, there wasn't a ring on her finger.

Edwin met her in the parking lot, he immediately pulled her to him, sliding his hand under her dress, between her warm thighs.  Off to her left, just inside her peripheral vision, she saw movement.  Pushing Edwin away she turned and stared into the grayish light at the end of the lot.

"Whats wrong?"  She shushed him and stood still for a few..  He turned in the direction that had taken her interest from what he'd been doing..  "What is it!"    " I thought.. never mind.."

Sasha grabbed Edwins face and kissed it, grabbing his hands she pulled him towards the apartment.  Glancing behind them a couple of times, she couldn't shake the feeling, someone had been there.


The End

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