Lion's Roar

By the time the enemy began their assualt, the Lion's Guard, the king's personal guard, was about a mile away, still making their way to the Palisade. There was just one problem: the refugees.

The Palisade, for clairification, isn't just a barrier between the peaceful fertile lands it protects and the Shadow lands it keeps out; it is also a place where many towns and cities are intersperced. The reason is simple. If say, an army was marching towards the Shadowlands and needed supplies, they wouldn't have to bring that long of a wagon train for the supplies would be waiting at the next town for them. This was a great value militarily and economically as convoys of supplies didn't have to travel as far in order to reach their destination, or the next town.

But to the refugees that usually lived there in said towns, the Palisade was the last place they all wanted to be.

"Confound the Darkness!" One of the Guard members shouted. He was struggiling to keep his horse on the path of seemingly infinite people that kept streaming past his horse.

"Aye, I hate it too Baltha." Another Guard member replied. He too was struggling to get his horse past the river of people.

"The both of you stow your toungs. The King didn't pick you to chit-chat all day long while the enemy advances. if he wanted a unit for that he would have put you in it along with my ex-wife!" Their Captain said. The two quieted immediatly, knowing the retrobution of the Captain was somthing that you never wanted to be forced upon yourself. "Guard, forward!" He yelled. He reared his horse, clearing a path, and charged down it quickly, leaving the other Guard members in his wake.

Baltha and his Guard friend were left sitting stairing at their commander who was still riding away from them at full gallop.

"Kalan, if our bite could do the same against the Darkness just like our roar did here, all we'd have to do is get the Captain to start yelling at it and we'd be home shortly." Balthas commented as he spurred his horse after his Captain.

"Indeed, it would be a very short war if it were true." Kalan replied quickly. The Lions were on the hunt, and they weren't too far from their prey. Or, would they be the prey?

The End

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