The Siege of the Palisade

"Brace fer' impact!"

Thousands of Orcs raised their shields over their heads, most sucessfully stopping the fired arrows in their tracks, resounding in a twang-crack sound as they hit the crude wooden and iron orc shields. More unfortunate greenskins were cut down by the arrows, hundreds of biting shafts planting themselves in flesh. Roars of pain could be heard among the orcs, along with the gurgling cry of an orc's last breath, death to drowning in their own blackish blood.

"Arrer' boy's let 'im 'av it!"

At the command hundreds of orcs stuck their weapons firmly to the soil, drawing out twisted black bows. They notched them with black arrows and let out a simultaneous roar before letting them fly. The shafts of death whizzed through the air, colliding with the arm, chest or armour of an unlucky man.

Gunbad smiled. He had been observing the battle atop his winged monstrosity, licking his lips at the sound of the humans crying in agony. His horde would cut them all down and the survivors would be his army's personal entertainment. After all nothing was more satisfying then watching two manlings, once great soldiers be reduced to mindless dogs, willing to kill the other for a scrap of meat.

"Alright boys, now we charge!" Gunbad roared, lifting his wicked blade high into the air. Now a new horde charged from behind him, ready to join up with their brethren in the front lines. The front most orcs howled with excitement, charging towards the gate of the human city. "Now we fight!"

The End

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