Ready the Defenses!

The horn was heard from inside of the city's thick stone walls. It struck fear into the hearts of many, and only quickened the pace of the human defenders to ready their posts. It was sheer luck that the King's armies arrived when they did. But yet, the Lion's Guard was no-where to be found.

"Make ready! Get to your positions!" A captain on a white charger shouted. Men in polished armor ran to and fro carrying timber for bracing the gate and other much needed supplies for the fight to come.

"Sir, the enemy approaches the West wall!" A soldier from the crowd yelled. The Captain on the charger hopped off his horse, drew his sword and followed the man to the wall's top defences. Up ontop of the wall, things weren't much better.

"Archers, make ready!" the Captain ordered. He scanned the horizon, a black sea swallowed it whole. Archers on his order grabbed arrows out of their quiver with quick motions. The Captain knew it wouldn't do much, but it might do enough.

The on-comming horde stopped less than 200 yards from the walls. Everything became silent as man and beast waited for someone to make the first move.

The Captain stood, a stoic figure in the waining light and lifted his sword towards the sky. "Ready!" Time slowed to a crawl.


The End

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