Ying or Yang?

Shadow sat back as he finished the letter to the King. He almost couldn't believe he might actually get out of this accursed darkness. Not that the Darkness had its benefits, travel where and whenever you want, do whatever you wanted to do, but even those had loop-holes.

The Darkness would order him to do this and that and go here and there and assassinate this King or this Earl, it was getting repetative and tiresome, not to mention increasingly difficult to do the said tasks. He wanted a bit more... leeway. He wanted to be able to wreak the havoc and chaos he did before he was set under the Darkness' wing. He would get the contract, recieve the down payment and then it was a free for all finish the job how he pleased. That's what he wanted, and would probably get if he were able to switch.... and live.

As he sat in thought, he also thought about some of the previous contracts he had done: He had gone to a nearby village, slipped something into the drinks of the nobel's early harvest party and watched as the poision slowly took the lives of every noble in the land, save for the King as he had saved that one for his own special coup-de-grace. It had unnerved him slightly that he had done the things that he did, but he would more than likely relish the chance if he could do it to some of the Darkness' leaders.

But yet, what if he were caught? He might be able to weasle his way out of the situation. He did have many contacts and safehouses. And he also had his own little tricks and traps to take care of any captors of his. Yes this might work... but he'd have to be careful of who he consulted on this... very careful. For he even didn't know who was on one side or the other.... at least, he didn't think he did.

He might be alone in this.... oh well. He was used to going it solo anyway.

The End

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