Beyond the Palisade

Day say we Greenskins are pree' dumb. We prove dem puny 'umans wrong. Da Darkness whispers to us 'is masta' plan. Finally dem' manlings gonna' pay fer' running us outta' our land. Pay with their blood and der' 'eads!

Grimlock Gunbad of the Misty Mountain was a fierce Orc cheiftain indeed. He stood two feet taller than most orcs (who were about seven feet tall) and in his opinion it was natural for him to assume role of leader for his tribe. The old Chieftain was wise...something most Orcs look down upon. They let Goblins take care of the sneaky stuff.

"Boss, our boyz' are ready to fight!" An orc shouted behind Grimlock. He stood a foot smaller than him, his face covered with red war paint. Grimlock smiled, revealing his large set of canine like teeth, some yellow with wear and others broken from crushing heads and other appendages of unfortunate enemies who had come before him. 

"Good! Da' 'umans 'tink 'da shadows is gonna strike again. But dis' time deesa' gonna be crushed by da' Greenskins!" Grimlock roared. His companion let out a howl before running out of the tent.

"Gimme dat!" He yelled to a small goblin. He kicked the unfortunate creature and took the large ram's horn it had been carrying. With the adrenaline of a fight to come and blood-lust pumping through him he took in a deep breath and blew into the horn. It's eerie echo sounded throughout the entire camp and suddenly it was ablaze with chaos, orcs shouting, chanting, banging their weapons and chucking small goblins into the air.

Grimlock walked casually out of the tent, removing bits of skin stuck in his tooth with his crude looking choppa'. "Dids' I sayz' you could blow the horn boy?" The still smiling orc shook his head. It was the last thing he ever did before a large blade separated his head from his body. Grimlock smiled and picked the still smiling head off the ground and stuck it to one of the spears attached to his bulky armour. Alongside the still bleeding orc head was two goblin heads, a human head, a horse skull and an elf skull. Tied with chains to his back was a limbless dwarf, it's beard a shaggy mess and its eye's missing from it's socket. This was Grimlock's moment to shine, to get his land back and hopefully spark the beginning of a long and very bloody war.

Suddenly Grimlock heard a howl. He turned around to see a large silver wolf descending upon him, it's goblin rider urging it foreward with a large prod. "Boss! Da' darkness says weesa' attack now!"

Grimlock smiled and motioned for the goblin and it's mount to slow down. As they slowly approached him, he lunged out, extending his two tree trunk-sized arms around the wolf's jaws and the goblin's skull. The Wolf struggled to break free of his iron grip while the goblin's head seemed to explode in his hand. "You's gonna be the calling for ma' pet." He said with a nasty smile on his face. The sky above him went darker as a winged creature swooped down towards them. It had long wings where its arms should have been, a grotesque face somewhat resembling a dragon with large twisted horns and acid dripping from it's mouth. 

Grimlock tossed the wolf and slain goblin up to the Wyvern, which consumed the meal in three quick gulps. It landed beside the Orc chieftain, allowing him to mount it's back. "Now da' 'umans are gunna' know 'da name Grimlock Gunbad!!"

The End

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