Precise Measurements

Nothing could be more thrilling than feeling a warm body go limp and cool after slipping a dagger between the third and forth ribs.

At least this was the case for Samreck Gaulsman. As the adrenaline rushed away he let the body of Bazil Halaberd, some minor noble from a lower rung house in Maladain, fall to the floor of the study.  Wiping his blade on the silken robe of the nobleman, Samreck scurried to the dead man’s elaborate desk and sifted neatly through a mass of papers and books. With only a slight grimace he knelt by the side of the desk opening the lower draws and searching each compartment carefully. Again he was met with failure.

“Alright Bazil, you sniveling troll, were have you hidden it?” Samreck grumble to the still corpse.

Slumping in the high back ironwood armchair Samreck stared at the pudgy man on the floor distractedly. It was supposed to be here. Where did that fool—But the sight of glittering gold around Bazil’s neck reflecting in the pale moon light cut short his thoughts and drew a sharp curse from his lips.

“By the bloody Shadow itself.” Growling, Samreck sprang to his feet only to crouch by the dead man’s head.

Still muttering about his carelessness in not spying the thin gold chain earlier, Samreck slide the necklace over Bazil’s head and eyed the ring strung there. Elegant yet thin, and not garish by any means, it was a lady’s ring with twin serpents intertwined around a single sapphire. The head and tail of each serpent flared out to each side, perpendicular to the slim band. A trail of blood had smeared on the edge of the ring and Samreck hastily wipe it away and sighed.

He was getting tired of running these errands.

Turning away from the body Samreck leaned out the open arched window and gazed across the capital city that spanned beneath him. The noble quarters rested on an elevated portion of the city, and all the streets, empty at this hour, lead up to the castle fortress at the crest of the hill. Samreck found himself glaring at the castle on the hill. Soon enough, he thought, we’ll be playing this game up there.

Without another glance behind him Samreck slipped out the window and descended into the night’s shadows.


The End

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