The Dark Wars

A fantasy story with elves, orcs, humans, dwarves and other mythical creatures... with some very dark and foreboding twists along the way. Which would you join? The forces of light? Or the ever expanding darkness?

There have been, in the past few decades, a series of smaller, yet signifigant wars that have been colorfully labled 'The Dark Wars'. The reason, for anyone who has been touched in any way by them, is clear. It's quite simple really.

They are called the Dark Wars because of what happens just before the armies of darkness sweep over the land. It grabs greedily every single mote of light and paints its own light into the land, a darkness that even a starless midnight would envy. The reason for this is simple, the hordes of darkness cannot live in the brightness of day, for they come from caves, pits and crevices that span many miles in the mountains, dot the deserts and badlands and cut through the earth.

But anyone that hasn't seen this darkness doesn't know the fear that it instills in one's heart and soul. Even the seasoned veterans and the rock-hard Generals commanding them begin to falter as they feel the coldness begin to swarm over the land like bees to their hive's assailant and see the forces of darkness do the same. But soon, very, very soon, all will know the feeling.

And there may be nothing anyone can do... maybe.

The End

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