The Pictures

"Remember when we went camping last summer?" she asked.


"And remember when I told you that a guy was in all the pictures and you started laughing".

I remembered that summer when we came back from camping and we developed the photoes we realized that a man was in all the pictures and I started laughing because I thought he liked Laura.

"Yeah, I remember, but what's that gotto do with all this?"

"Come here, look".

I went to her and took the pictures frn her hand.

I looked at the pictures for a while, but i didn't see anything unusual. There was me and Laura standing next to our tent and a man in the back fixing his own tent. The man! He was the same one that had come tonight!

I looked at the next picture, and the next. He was in nearly all the pictures, doing something.

I looked at my sisters face and realized that she was more frightened than I was.

" What are we gonna do? " she asked.

"You are gonna go to Tony's house. Stay there until I come back".

"What?" she asked in disbelief. "I don't think so. I'm not leaving you no matter what. Wer'e sisters, we stick together."

"I know, but I nearly stabbed you earlier. How do you think I'll feel if I really do hurt you by accient next time?"


"No buts, just get into the car and I'll drop you off at Tony's."

Tony was an old friend of ours, he wasn't that good in doing things, but the one thing we could do is trust him to protect us when we were in trouble.

"Actually I was gona ask you what you were doing downstairs before you nearly stabbed me?"

"I'll tell you what what happened in the car. Grab a few things to take with you, I dont know when i'll be back."

"But where are you going?"

"I'll explain in the car."

We grabbed a few things. Laura got a few clothes and her lucky charm braclet, while I put my shoes on and got my pocket knife with me.

We hurried into the car and I started to drive...

The End

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