The Man In The Window

She slowly put her hand up and pointed at the window behind me. I looked back and saw a man looking through the window. His face was bleeding at the side. His eyes were the most frightening colour of black.

I ran to the phone to call the police when Laura yelled "Wait !"

"Wait ?"  I asked, half screaming, " What do you mean wait ?"

" No, wait just a minute, he's writing something on the window."

I looked at the window and saw him writing on it, using the blood on his face as ink!

The writing read " He's after you, go as far as you can!"

As soon as he wrote this he went. I opened the door and yelled behind him.

"Who? why aren't you tellling me?"

But it was no use, he had gone.

I ran inside and closed the door.

"Laura" I said panting, "We have got to get out of here".


I looked around but I didn't find her downstairs, so I went up to the bedroom to find her looking at some photos.

"Why are you looking at the pictures?" I asked, trying to keep calm, "We have to get out of here".

The End

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