I went down to get  glass of water from the kitchen. I looked out of the window. It was still dark. I saw a shadow, but I thought it was our cat strolling out in the dark again. Suddenly I heard a few whisphers and a faint cry for help.

I tried to hear again,....but I didn't hear anything. I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me, when suddenly I heard a faint sob.

I opened the door, switched the light on, but saw nothing, I took a few steps forward, but still nothing.

I turned back to the door. I was just about to close it when I heard the same sob again, but this time it continued.

"Who's there?"  I called, but no-one answered.

My heart pounded very hard this time as I heard a laugh. A laugh so evil, so cruel.

I ran inside and closed the door behind me. As I was looking out of the window, I felt somone's hand on my shoulder.

I slowly picked up the knife beside me, which was on the work-top.  I was just about to stab the person when I saw the face. It was my sister. I was about to stab my one-and-only sister.

I threw the knife down and looked at her face. Her face had gone blank as an empty sheet of paper. She was frozen in her place.

"Laura!" I said faintly "Oh my God! I'm so sorry. What are you doing here?"

She did not reply.


The End

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