Into the Unknown

"Why can't I hear the fire?" Jessie demands.

"There is no fire. I put it there so you would not panic at not being able to see," the stranger replied with a smile.

Jessie shakily stood up. "I can see the fire! I can - oh no," she whispered. The stranger darted forward, catching Jessie before she fell onto the forest floor.

"Why are you even awake?" he asked. "Most sleep for days after - not just twelve hours."

"After what?" Jessie snapped. Her head was pounding. The light of the fire was gone, almost like it had diminished from age. Embers glowed darkly.

"Transformation has begun but you should be unconscious. So, sorry my dear."

And the jerk gave her head a good thwack, sending her off into nothing.

The End

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