Light was pulsing. Could light pulse? No, it needed something else to make it  - fire.

There was fire, and it was flickering,  not pulsing. Silence.

'Fire makes crackling noises, but I hear nothing,' she thought. Stars above, was she deaf and blind?

Or perhaps she should open her eyes.

Somewhere in a forest was were she faced the fire, a place of silence and loneliness. Who built the fire pit? Where have they gone? Was she even awake?

How could flames be so quiet? Animals made noise, too, so where were they?

So many questions. Gingerly, she sat up. The sounds of leaves crinkling made her jump, then laugh at herself. She had made the noise! No need to be afraid.

'Thank goodness I'm not deaf.'

"Why would you be?"

The End

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