the house

"My family looks like they are normal from the outside looking ii, but this is my story" Simone.

One day when I was walking home from school, my friends asked me if they could come over. I said that I would have to ask my parent, but the truth is I will never ask them. Life for me at home is not what people expect. There are 7 people living in the 3 storied home. I live in the basement with my youngest brother. I have 3 brothers, I am the only girl. My uncle, our father lives in the house with us, our aunt comes to stay with us but only when she wants some money for her habits.  Our mother died when we were young.  My youngest brother and I have it the hardest than our other siblings. Since we are the youngest we are often blamed for lots of things like bills not being paid and petty stuff. 

The End

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