Dom's face after I told him I had brought Leo back with me sent shivers up my spine.  He looked so betrayed and it broke my heart that I had done this to him.  He couldn't believe it either.

'Why did you bring him here?'  There was a lot of effort to not yell at me in the tone of Dom's voice.

'Because he wants to know what world I belong to now.  He wants to see what kind of creature I've become.'

'Oh so is that what I am?  A creature?'  He looked at me in disgust.

'No I didn't mean it like that, you know I didn't.'

'Well that's what it sounded like.'  Dom's armour began to crack and his anger was showing on his face and in the way he was now pacing up and down the room.  'Don't you dare try that India.'  He whipped round and pointed at me.  'I can feel what you're trying to do and it isn't going to work.'

'Sit down Dominic.  We need to talk this over like ration human beings.'  Dom's father ordered in a commanding tone.

'We're not human being though are we?  Like India said, we're just creatures.'  He slammed the door as he stormed out.  The noise made my whole body tense.

'I'm sorry about that sir, I shouldn't have come back.'  I stood up to leave.  'I'll get my bag and leave.'  As I moved towards the door I felt a hand on my arm.

'Don't leave yet India.  Dom is hurting right now but he will come round.'  I smiled gratefully at him but as he whispered in my ear my face fell.  'I hope you come to your senses too.  You've left the human world, you have to accept that.'

'What if I don't want to?'

'Then that's tough luck.  You've already made the decision.  You are bound to Dominic for as long as you exist, there is nothing that will change that.'  He let go of my arm and I walked out of the office, closely followed by Leo.

'I'm sorry about that.'  I didn't touch him as I stood awkwardly in the hall.  'I hadn't expected it to go that badly.'

'It's OK.  I can understand he will be feeling hurt right now, I would be in his place.  We just need to give them time.'

'This is the closest thing I have ever had to a family Leo.  I don't want to lose it.'

The End

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