Penny; Who's This?Mature

"Would you like to go downstairs with the others?"  Jake asked me a little sceptical at my strength levels,

"Yes, seriously I want to get out of this bed." I sighed,

"You sure?"

"Positive." I smiled,


"Yes. I'm fine Jake."


"Yes!" I laughed,

"India's back."

"Really?!" I jumped out of bed,

"Whoa, easy Penny," he held me at the waist as I started to sway,

"I'm fine," I rubbed my head with one hand, my other holding onto Jakes arm,

"Of course you are."  he smiled,

"You can let go now."

"You sure?"

"I think so,"

"Thinking so isn't good enough," he swung me onto his back,

"Put me down!" I laughed,

"Nope," we laughed together as he marched forward out of the room.

I felt kinda weird going through the house in my pyjamas, all I was wearing was my light blue shorts, white tank top and black over the knee socks, with my hair tied back into a pony tail.

"India!" I sighed relieved that she was unscathed, as we walked into the dinning room, me still on Jake's back. She just smiled at me as Jake sat me down on one of the wooden chairs around the table and pulled his close to mine holding my hand. I looked around the table and there was a new face,

"You survived then," she joked,

"Yep, it's gunna take a lot more then that to get rid of me.  Its not so bad being carried around everywhere though." I smiled.  "who's this?"

"Oh, um, this is Leo." things suddenly got tence around the table.

The End

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