I couldn't believe she left without saying goodbye.  By the time I had got back to the house Penny was bandaged and lying on the sofa and India had vanished.  Father told me she needed to 'figure some things out'.  That's such an India thing to say.

I looked like a wet weekend for the few days after India left.  I stayed in my room, not really talking to anyone and looking at the clothes she had left behind.  Sad I know but I just wanted to pretend she was still here.

Penny kept assuring me she would come back but something deep inside told me she was wrong, India was gone forever.

When I finally made it out of the darkness of my room I sat on the sofa downstairs with Penny and Jake.  The others joined us from time to time but it was mainly just the three of us.

'Why can't you cheer up Dom?'  Penny was bored of my moping by the end of the first week.  'She will be back I promise you, now stop feeling sorry for yourself and smile!'  I forced a small smile which seemed to please Penny.  'See that wasn't so hard.  Now let's play a game.  Do they teach vampires to play cards?'

I reluctantly agreed to play a few rounds of poker with them but as the cards were dealt I thought I heard India's voice.  I lept up from my seat and ran out into the hallway but there was no-one there.

Feeling more depressed than before I went back into the main room and sat back down.

'You OK?'  Even Jake looked concerned.

'Yeah, I just thought I heard something.'  I picked my cards back up again and tried to concentrate on the game.  Normally I was good at poker but I seemed to keep losing.  I suppose it was a good thing we weren't betting with real money.

As Jake was about to start dealing a fresh hand, Lucien came and stood in the doorway.  'Dom.'  His face was deadly serious.  'Father would like to speak with you.'  I put my cards down, saying I'd be back soon and walked out of the room with Lucien.

'So what's this about?'  I asked, but Lucien didn't answer.  He knocked on father's office door and waited.

'Enter!'  He opened the door and motioned that I should go in first.  The door closed behind me.  'Sit down Dominic.'  Father pointed to one of the chairs by his desk.  A girl with blonde hair sat in the other.

'India?'  The girl turned and it was her, but her face was also stern.  I ran to her, holding her so tightly I thought I would break her.  'I thought I'd lost you.'

'Sit down Dominic.  We need to talk,' she whispered in my ear.  I took the other seat, my eyes never leaving her face.  I couldn't believe she was here.  'I've asked your father's permission to have a guest stay with us.'  My heart sank.  'And...and he's said yes.'  The words came tumbling out of her mouth as fast as she could say them.

'Who is it?'  I asked, hoping the answer wouldn't be what I thought it was.  'A friend?  Your mother?'  India shook her head and held out her hand to a figure standing in a dark corner of the room.  Floppy caramel hair and soft green eyes appeared out of the darkness and I felt my body stiffen.

'Dom, this is Leo.'

The End

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