Penny; India the Honey BeeMature

It had been three days since the fight and I could just about manage sitting up in bed. Jake moved me last night. Father had already told me it might be a long healing process as I didn't crave blood. That's what vampires did when they got hurt. Eat.  

"Dom." I called to him as he walked past the door.

"Yeah Penny." he had been really depressed since India went.

"Please forgive India." he looked at me taken a back. Jake was sitting on the arm chair next to me, he didn't dare touch the bed, he thought if he even breathed too close it would break me.

"Why should I?" he said slowly,

"Just think of her as a honey bee,"


"Honey bees travel from one flower to the next, collecting pollen. But they always have to go home. Home is you. She's just not sure. "

"But India isn't a bee." he stated,

"I never knew you could be so observant Dom. Think about it. Put yourself in India's shoes. Imagine you were together with someone, then snatched, well not snatched, that's the wrong word, but taken away from that into another world. Another life, and then told by someone, she doesn't even know, that's she's loved by him." he crumpled his forehead in thought but didn't say a word as he walked away.

"Very metaphorical." Jake smiled next to me.

"I know. I'm just worried about her."


"What could Donovan do to her? Look at me, and I kick butt."

"True. But Father wouldn't of let her go if he thought she would be in any danger."

"So she's not in the forest?"

"I don't know."

"This is so annoying!"

"Penny you don't need to worry."

"I know, but I hate not being able to move around. I feel useless just sitting here, doing nothing."

"Penny, you've been useful ever since you've got here. You've protected India, but now you need to let her work this out by herself. Like you had too." he frowned slightly at the memory of me leaving.

"I hate it when your right."

"I know." he grinned.  I rolled my eyes. "You love me really."

"That's the annoying bit." I laughed as he kissed my forehead. 

The End

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