I felt so tense as I sat mext to Jake at Penny's side.  Why had a said it?  Leo wouldn't take me back, not now I was a monster and Dom would never have me back because he thought I was in love with someone else.

A bowl of water and a cloth was brought in and seeing as Penny was holding tightly onto Jake's hands I began wiping the blood from her face.  The cuts weren't too bad, they were healing already, but she had lost a lot of blood.  It was wierd that blood loss affected vampires, after all they were dead so one would think normal injuries wouldn't affect them. 

How wrong I was.  Penny was looking really weak, her aura was fading and would probably have to feed to get her strength back.

'Penny?  Can you hear me?'  She nodded, obviously the strength she needed to talk was too great.  'Don't tire yourself out, I just want you to know I'm worried.  About you and about Dom.'  I took a deep breath.  'I've decided I'm going away for a while.'

Penny's eyes opened and she opened her mouth to speak but I wouldn't let her.  'It's not for long.  I need to think about things.'  I put the blood-stained cloth back into the bowl of water and began bandaging up her head.  'About where I want to be and who I want to be with.  I just want you to promise me something.'  I looked at Jake too.  'Both of you.'

'What is it?'  Jake spoke for both of them.

'Look after Dom.  He's going to hate me and he'll think Donovan has won when he hasn't.  I still love Dom, I'm just not sure if it's enough.'

'It'll kill him you know.'  Jake said.  'If you leave him, he'll kill himself.  Maybe not directly but he's lost too many people already.  All those human girls Donovan killed to get to Dom, it's disturbed him and if he lost you...'  The sentence hung in the air.

'I know how much it will hurt Dom but forever is a long time, I have to make sure I'm making the right decision.'  I had finished wrapping Penny's head in bandage so stood up and gently kissed her forehead.  'Get better for me and stay out of trouble.  I can't be worrying about you all the time.'

I made my way out into the hall and stood outside the door to the study.  I had seriously bad butterflies as I knocked on the door and was called in.

'Ah India.'  He didn't look too happy with me, maybe someone had already told him about what had happened between Dom and I.  'What can I do for you?'

'I need permission to leave the confines of the house and surrounding woods.  There is something I need to do.'

The End

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