Penny; Not Quite DeadMature

"Jesus, what the hell happened?!" I don't know who it was but it sounded panicked,

"Long story." The familiar voice of Jake said quietly,

"I'll go get the others,"

"No. Don't."

"Well I have to at least tell them." 

"What the!-" Yet another new voice came into my consciousness,

"Can you go and get a blanket please, there no way I an carry her up stairs without causing anymore damage, it was bad enough trying to get back from the forest."

"Yeah... sure." they agreed.

"What am I going to do with you?" Jake whispered softly, I could feel his body manoeuvre to open a door with no hands. I recognised the smell and the sounds of the fire.  I guessed we were in the living room, I didn't even know we were in the house.

"Thanks, can you put it on the sofa." Assuming he did what Jake said he lowered me onto the sofa.

"Is she dead?" I girls voice came from my right, I think she was next to the door, she sounded rather smug. I knew exactly who it was,

"N-not quite Caroline." I muttered trying to smile but it hurt to much,

"Don't bother Caroline, if your not going to help go away."

"I might just do that." Why did she have to be so moody all the time.

"What happened?" I deep stern, voice came from where I thought Caroline had just disappeared from. It was father.

"She got caught off guard, it was my fault." India came into the room,

"Got caught off guard by who?" Father questioned her,


"This is bad. Really bad"

"Pretty much yeah," I grunted,

"Penny please don't speak, I know it hurts you." Jake whispered, I shook my head, the lightening rippiling back through my spine,

"I'll go and get some warm water, towels and bandages to clean her up."

"Thank you Father." his voice full of gratitude,

"I'm sorry I left you guys," I reached out for Jake's hand, he got the message and held it softly.

"Believe me your forgiven," India replied, "Thank you for saving me... Twice"

The End

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