I grudgingly walked back towards the house with Jake in silence.  Why could Penny sort out my girlfriend but I was deemed incapable?  Surely I knew India better.

We were nearly home when there was a crashing coming from behind us and India flew into the back of Jake.

'Come quickly.  Donovan's back and he's fighting Penny, it's bad this time, really bad.'  Without asking questions the three of us hurtled back the way we had come, following India as she led us to a clearing where Donovan had thrown Penny across the clearing.  She lay motionless and India, who was up ahead threw herself at Donovan.

Luckily Donovan didn't want to take on all of us so he simply threw India off and made a run for it.  Jake was at Penny's side immediately.  I held out my hand for India but she ignored it, getting up by herself and running to Penny.

'Penny?!'  Jake's eyes were filled with fear as he pushed her hair back from her face.  There was a lot of blood.  Penny groaned and turned towards Jake although her eyes were still closed.

'She's responding,' I observed kneeling on the other side of her.  'Can you pick her up?'  I asked Jake who nodded and carefully put his arms around her, gently lifting her off the ground.  A hiss came from her body and Jake hurriedly apologised.

'Is she OK?'  India was very quiet, her face was paler than normal and she looked like she was about to collapse too.

'She'll be fine,' I couldn't help putting a sharp edge to the tone of my voice and instantly regretted it.

'I'm so sorry Penny.  I should've helped!'  India was genuinely distraught as Jake began to move away, back to the safety of the house.

'N-no.  I'm fine.'  Penny's voice was almost a whisper.  'India, tell him.'  What?  My head snapped round to look at India.  'He needs to know.'  Jake and Penny vanished into the trees leaving just me and India.

'What do I need to know?'  I felt fury bubbling up inside me.  She trusted Penny more than me, her soulmate.

'Not now Dom.  We need to look after Penny.'  She moved to go after them but I blocked her path.

'Yes now India.  What is it you're hiding from me?'

'You won't want to hear it.'  India said, standing her ground.

'Yes I do.'  I looked at India as her brain thought about what her next move would be.

'OK, so you really want to know?'  I nodded.  'I think I still love Leo.'  It was like a knife had been stuck through my skin and was being twisted over and over again.  'Happy now?'  India pushed past me and went after Jake and India, leaving me alone.

The End

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