I crashed through the trees, desperate to find somewhere I could be alone.  I didn't like crying in public, it was one of my wierd quirks, I also didn't look very attractive when I cried so I guess that was a good enough excuse.

'Hey India.'  I hadn't heard Penny's approach but I could sense her presence.

'Go away Penny.'  I slumped down next to a tree, my back resting against its solid trunk and let the tears fall.

'I know exactly what you're feeling right now you know, and I'm not leaving you alone out here.'  I fiercely wiped away some of the tears that had fallen down my cheeks.

'Why not?  You did.'

'True, but no-offence or anything, but you're not a strong fighter, and who's gunna kick Donovan's butt when I'm not here?' I couldn't help smiling slightly at that.  I had really enjoyed watching Donovan get beaten up, especially by a girl.

'You're actually kinda scary when you fight,' I admitted.

'Thats the look I was going for.'  She was so desperate to lighten the mood, and any other day I would have obliged and joked along with her but at that moment I couldn't be cheerful.

'What do I do Penny?'  I could feel more tears trickling down my cheeks.  'I love him so much I feel like I'm about to explode.'


'But... I don't know how to explain it.  It's like everything I do is taken for granted.  He loves me but I feel like it's for the wrong reasons.'

'I'm not sure I follow you.'  Penny carefully lowered herself onto the ground next to me.

'It's almost like he needs to prove something.  To his father, to his brothers and to Donovan.  After all the girls he killed who were close to Dom, I don't know.'  A fresh sob sent my body into fresh convulsions.  'He needs to prove to himself he can protect someone, that he is worthy of some kind of honour that I don't see.'

'I don't think that's just Dom, India.  Most guys are like that.'

'Leo wasn't.'  I could feel Penny stiffen as I mentioned the name of my boyfriend.  The one before I had met Dominic.  'He didn't expect anything from me and I didn't want anything from him, just his love which he gave to me.  It was so simple and easy compared with this.'  I looked at my surroundings.  'I mean look at me Penny.  I'm sitting in the middle of a wood crying about being in love with a vampire!  No-one would ever believe me if I told them this story.'  I paused to stop the sobbing.  'I want him back.'  I whispered it but I knew Penny heard me.

'Who?  Dom?'

'No, Leo.  I miss him.'

'What a touchng scene.'  Donovan sidled towards us out of the trees.  'Don't think the two of you are going to get the better of me this time.'

The End

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