"I'm so sorry" I sobbed into Jake's chest,

"Shh, it's okay. Were together now aren't we?"

"Why aren't you angry?"

"I'm too happy to be angry, when we get home expect a bear to appear."  

"I'll look out for it." I laughed weakly "I really pissed them lot off didn't I?"

"No, why would you think that?"

"For taking off, leaving you, no explanation, the list is endless."

"I think their more worried than angry."

"I don't believe you." he chuckled stroking my hair,  In the distance there was sudden shouting, "What the?" I pulled out of the hug but Jake still held onto my hand, it was strangely comforting to be with him again.

"Where's Dom and India?" we were both as confused as each other at this point.

Before we knew it Dom came into the clearing distraught,

"Hey Dom, what's up, what's going on?"  Jake tried to get some answers,

"Nothing. India's just gone off on one."

I sighed. "I'll go sort it out."

"Don't bother." Dom snapped, Jake gave him the don't-you-dare-wreck-this-for-me-or-there-will-be-serious-consecuences look.

"At least let me talk to her."

"What's the point."

"The point is that Donovan is still hanging around these parts, I only want to talk to her."

"What do you mean Donovan's still hanging around here?!" Jake scolded me,

"Its fine, I dealt with him-"

"You mean he tried to-"

"Will you calm down." I interrupted him, "I'm still here, he barely even touched me before I kicked his butt, ask India, she saw it all" I smiled, "Now I'll see you too back at the house." Jake pulled me back in and kissed me,


"Promise I'll come back." he let go after some protest and another hug,

"Hey India." I said softly,

"Go away Penny." she put her hands on her head as she sat down next to a tree, a tear fell down onto her cheek, it looked like shed been crying for a while.

"I know exactly what your feeling right now you know, and I'm not leaving you alone out hear."

"Why not." she protested "You did."

"True." I agreed with her, "But no-offence or anything but your not a strong fighter, and who's gunna kick Donovan's butt when I'm not here?" I joked, at least it made her smile a little.

"Your actually kinda scary when you fight." she said,

"Thats the look I was going for" I laughed.

The End

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