Dom: What's wrong with you?Mature

Finally Jake and Penny were reunited, it lifted a huge weight from my shoulders to see them embracing.  I turned to hug India but she was gone.  I did a full circle but still couldn't see her.  I thought Penny and Jake would be OK on their own for a moment while I looked for India.  I walked back the way we had come, assuming that is where India would have gone.

Unfortunately I found her when she was just about to kick the life out of another tree.  'Hey what are you doing?'  I stood in front of her, holding her shoulders firmly so she looked at me.

'Nothing.'  India snapped at me.  'Why does something have to be wrong?'  She pulled herself free from my grip and walked off again.

'Talk to me India, what have I done wrong?'  It must have been something I said because there was nothing else I could remember that could have made her this mad.

'Maybe it's just you being you Dom.'  We both stopped suddenly and were facing each other in a small clearing.  'You are so picky, everything has to be done your way.  Don't do this, don't do that.  It's driving me insane!  Can't you just chill out!'  She threw her hands up in the air.

I felt slightly hurt by what she was saying.  'I didn't know that's how you felt.'

'Well that's another thing, you're always asking if things are OK.  Sometimes it's best to stay quiet.'  She exhaled violently, walking around in circles.

'You know what India.'

'What?  Suprise me.'  She was still circling.

'You aren't the person I first met.  I'm not sure you're even the person I fell in love with.'

'Well maybe you aren't what you first seemed to be either Dominic.'  She ran her hands through her hair.  'I think we need some time apart.  I need to think.'  She turned to walk away but, remembering something, she turned back.  'I have given up so much for you.  I've even died for you yet it feels like it has meant nothing.'  She turned around and started walking away.  'And don't try to follow me.'

I stayed in the exact same spot for the next five minutes thinking over what had just happened.  Then the shock finally hit me and a tear slid down my face.

The End

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