Jake: Random RobinMature

India said she had seen Penny but she wouldn't come back. But I am determined to find her and talk some sense into her. What was she thinking? And what did she mean she didn't know how to love and that she never had a family for love or care for her?

My family had been trying to help in any way they could but to be honest I hated all the molly cuddling and "Are you alright Jake?" or "Can I get you anything?" that's why I insisted in coming out with Dom, at least it would give me some peace.

We ran through the forest listening out for the slightest sound that might have been out of place.  There was nothing for about seven minuets until our silence broke by the sound of a robin. I ground to a hult and looked franticly up at the trees until I saw her.

"Penny!. Please come back with me" nothing. "Penny?... Penny stop playing around... please?!" she chirped again but didn't do anything.

"Don't you feel stupid talking to a random robin?" I heard a weak voice saying behind me, I spun around.
It was that kind of feeling  when you first see a rainbow when you're a kid. That's what happened to me when I saw her standing there.

I  hugged her tightly to my chest, she didn't hug me back, she just stood there. I buried my head in her shoulder "I've missed you so much you couldn‘t believe."

I heard relieved sighs from behind me, must be India and Dom.  

The End

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