India: We can still catch herMature

I ran full pelt back to the house.  Penny had disappeared into the trees and it was quite clear I couldn't bring her back on my own but if I got Dom and Jake to help me then maybe she would see sense.  I met the two of them as they came running towards me.

'Did you find her?'  Jake's eyes were pleading with me to say yes and I couldn't say no.

'I saw her, yes.'  He started smiling.  'But she's not coming back.  I can't persuade her to stay, maybe one of you could make her come to her senses.'  I ran off the way I had come.  If we were fast enough we might still catch her.

She wasn't in the clearing where she had fought Donvan so I stopped and listened.  'Shhh.  I need to see if I can hear her.'  The wind rustled the leaves on the trees but there were no sounds of footsteps.  Then I heard a twig snap.  'This way.'  I ran off to the right, Dom and Jake hot on my heels.  I ran as fast as I could but I didn't see her.  'Damn!'  I kicked a tree in my frustration.

'Don't take it out on the tree.'  Dom protested.

'I'll take it out on whatever I want.'  I snapped back.  Dom's eyebrows came down and I could see him giving me his angry look out of the corner of my eye.

'Did she say where she was going India?'  Jake was looking so desperate my heart began to melt.

'I'm sorry she didn't.  But I promise you, we will find her.'

The End

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