Penny: One by OneMature

I had Donovan pinned to the ground "We need you Penny. Stay please." she pleaded.

"Trouble in paradise?" Donovan chuckled but I stopped that pretty quickly by lifting his torso up and hitting his spine back down on the ground.

"I swear to god Donovan if you say another word to her or even look, speak, or touch one of the others, I will tie you up and start ripping your toes off. One by one. Do you know what I'm going to do next?" he shook his head slightly. " Then I will cut your fingers off, one by one" I spat the words out. "Then I might even take the liberty of pecking your eyes out. How does that sound?" he started to struggle, I let him go, he tried running away. "Not so fast Donovan, I thought you wanted to play?!" I grabbed him by his shirt and slammed him into the nearest tree, he fell to the ground. I walked over to him and picked him up by his throat sliding him up the tree. "You understand?" I looked round to see India, still standing there a little taken a back.

"Go back India... please."

"No. Not with out you."  Why did she have to be so stubborn?

"Fine!" I let Donovan down with a thump but kicked him in the stomach, "don't you forget Donovan, I quite enjoy our little meetings." he ran into the forest. "I'll show you the way back." I turned to India and started walking into the forest.

"We've really missed you, you know." she said quietly next to me. I didn't say anything. "Especially Jake." When she said his name, it flicked a little switch inside me, but I said nothing.  

We walked for about ten minuets,  with her still telling me stuff and trying to ask me questions, when I stopped.


"This is where I stop." I said with no emotion in my voice "Just carry on forward and you'll find the house, it should take you about eight minuets if you run. " I turned.

"Why are you not coming?"

I faced her again "Just forget it India. Look after yourself... and the others."

"I'm not going without you."

"Yes you are India. It's for the best."

"No it's not." I tried to turn again before she started to talk more.

"Have you seen Jake?"too late "He's a broken man Penny. He hasn't said a full sentence since you've left." I said nothing as I faced her, repeating the words over and over again in my head mulling I over.

"Good bye India." I muttered and turned around.

"Penny come back! Come back with me... Please!" she called after me

"Good bye India." I said as I carried on walking not even turning around as tears were gathering in my eyes.

The End

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